View Pre-defined Vouchers in TallyPrime: 2 Methods + Example

There are two primary ways to view the pre-defined voucher types in TallyPrime:

1. Method 1: Using the List of Accounts

1. Access the Gateway of Tally:

Open the Gateway, usually by pressing Alt+F12.

2. Navigate to “Display”:

Go to “Display” from the Gateway options.

3. Select “List of Accounts”:

Choose “List of Accounts” from the Display options. (This path might vary slightly depending on your TallyPrime version).

2. Alternative Method: Using Accounts Info

1. Access the Gateway of Tally:

Open the Gateway as mentioned previously (Alt+F12).

2. Go To “Accounts Info” (Optional):

Instead of “Display,” navigate to “Accounts Info” or “Inventory Info” depending on your TallyPrime version.

3. Select “Voucher Types” (Both Methods):

In either method, after navigating to “List of Accounts” or “Accounts Info” (or “Inventory Info”), you’ll see options related to accounts and their management. Look for “Voucher Types” and select it.

3. Viewing the Pre-defined Voucher Types:

Once you select “Voucher Types,” a list of all the pre-defined voucher types available in TallyPrime will be displayed.

This list typically includes voucher types like:

4. Understanding the List:

The list might display brief details about each voucher type, such as:

  • Name: The descriptive name of the voucher type (e.g., “Payment”).
  • Abbreviation: A shorter code used for faster data entry (e.g., “PAY” for Payment).
  • Type: The category of transaction the voucher type represents (e.g., “Receipt” or “Payment”).

5. Example:

By following these steps, you’ll see a list of pre-defined voucher types in TallyPrime.

You can review their names, abbreviations, and get a general understanding of the types of transactions each voucher type is used for within your accounting system.

6. Additional Notes:

You cannot directly edit or create new voucher types through this list.

To modify or create voucher types, you’ll need to use the “Alter Voucher Type” or “Create Voucher Type” options accessible through the Gateway of Tally.

While viewing pre-defined voucher types is helpful for understanding your accounting system’s capabilities, it’s recommended to consult your TallyPrime documentation or seek guidance from a qualified accounting professional for in-depth information and proper usage of voucher types specific to your accounting needs.


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