How to Create Contra Voucher in TallyPrime: 6 Easy Steps

Here’s how to create a contra voucher in TallyPrime:

1. Access the Contra Voucher Screen:

2. Enter Voucher Details:

  • Date: Enter the transaction date accurately.
  • Vch Type: It will be pre-filled as “Contra.”
  • Reference: Provide a clear reference for easy tracking (e.g., “Cash Deposit,” “Bank Transfer”).
  • Narration: Add a brief description of the transaction.

3. Select Accounts:

  • Debit Account: Choose the account you’re debiting (e.g., Cash, Bank Account A).
  • Credit Account: Choose the account you’re crediting (e.g., Bank Account B, Cash).
  • Ensure the total debit and credit amounts match.

4. Enter Amounts:

  • Enter the amount in either the debit or credit field and TallyPrime will automatically populate the other field with the same amount.

5. Allocate Amounts (if applicable):

  • If the transaction involves multiple ledgers within a group account, use the Alt+A shortcut to allocate the amount accordingly.

6. Save the Voucher:

  • Press Enter to save the contra voucher.

Common Examples of Contra Vouchers:

  • Cash Deposit: Transferring cash from one cash account to another.
  • Bank Transfer: Moving funds between different bank accounts.
  • Payment from Cash to Credit Card: Paying off a credit card balance using cash.
  • Cash Withdrawal from Bank: Taking cash out of a bank account.
  • Internal Fund Transfers: Shifting funds between different departments or cost centers.
  • Adjusting Opening Balances: Correcting errors in opening balances.

Additional Tips while Creating Contra Entry in TallyPrime:

  • Use voucher classes to create specific contra voucher types for different purposes (e.g., “Cash Deposit,” “Bank Transfer”).
  • Regularly review your contra vouchers to ensure accuracy and prevent errors.
  • If you’re unsure about a transaction, consult with an accountant or financial advisor.


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