4 Voucher Types in TallyPrime: Easily Explained (Step by Step)

TallyPrime offers a comprehensive set of voucher types to cater to various financial transactions within your business.

These voucher types act as pre-defined templates that streamline data entry and ensure consistent recording of specific financial activities.

Here’s a detailed explanation of voucher types in TallyPrime:

1. Categories of Voucher Types in TallyPrime:

TallyPrime categorizes voucher types into five main groups:

1. Accounting Vouchers:

These vouchers deal with the core accounting functions of your business, including recording purchases, sales, receipts, payments, contra entries, and journal entries.

1. Purchase:

Used to record purchases of goods or services from suppliers, including details like quantity, price, taxes, and payment terms.

2. Sales:

Used to record sales of goods or services to customers, capturing details like quantity, price, taxes, and payment terms.

3. Receipt:

Used to record inflows of cash or other assets into the business, such as customer payments or cash sales.

4. Payment:

Used to record outflows of cash or other assets from the business, such as payments to suppliers or expenses.

5. Contra:

Used to record internal transfers of funds or assets between different ledger accounts within the business, without affecting the overall net balance.

6. Journal:

Used for general-purpose accounting entries that don’t fit into the other voucher types, allowing for adjustments, allocations, or other accounting treatments.

2. Inventory Vouchers:

These vouchers manage the flow of inventory items within your business, tracking stock purchases, sales, adjustments, and stock transfers.

1. Delivery Note:

Records delivery of goods to customers, often linked to a sales invoice.

2. Receipt Note:

Records receipt of goods from suppliers, often linked to a purchase invoice.

3. Material In:

Records the inflow of raw materials into the business for production purposes.

4. Material Out:

Records the outflow of raw materials from the business, often for production consumption.

5. Physical Stock:

Used for periodic physical verification of stock levels to reconcile theoretical inventory with actual stock on hand.

6. Stock Journal:

Used for making adjustments to stock balances due to reasons like wastage, breakage, or price changes.

7. Order Vouchers:

These vouchers manage purchase and sales orders, facilitating communication with suppliers and customers regarding intended transactions.

8. Purchase Order:

Used to send a formal request to a supplier for the purchase of goods or services.

9. Sales Order:

Used to send a formal quotation or confirmation to a customer for the sale of goods or services.

3. Non-Accounting Vouchers:

While not directly related to accounting entries, these vouchers can be used for various purposes within TallyPrime.

1. Duplicate Printing:

Used to reprint vouchers that were already saved and entered into the system.

2. Cancel:

Used to void or cancel a previously entered voucher if there’s an error.

4. Payroll Vouchers:

These vouchers manage employee payroll processes, though this functionality might require additional configuration or add-on modules within TallyPrime.

1. Payment Voucher:

Used to record salary payments made to employees.

2. Contra Voucher:

Used for internal transfers related to payroll, such as transferring salary amounts to bank accounts.

3. Journal Voucher:

Used for non-standard payroll adjustments that might not fit into the other voucher types.

2. Benefits of Using Voucher Types in TallyPrime:

1. Simplified Data Entry:

Pre-defined voucher types provide a structured format for entering transaction details, reducing errors and saving time.

2. Data Consistency:

Voucher types ensure consistent recording of specific transactions, promoting data integrity within your accounting system.

3. Reporting Efficiency:

By using appropriate voucher types, data gets categorized accurately, facilitating the generation of accurate and insightful financial reports.

3. Choosing the Right Voucher Type:

Selecting the right voucher type is crucial for accurate accounting.

TallyPrime provides clear descriptions for each voucher type, and you can usually access them through the “Gateway of Tally” or by using keyboard shortcuts (like Alt + F for Purchases).

By understanding the purpose of each voucher type and the transactions they handle, you can ensure proper recording of your financial activities in TallyPrime.


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