Alter a Voucher Type in TallyPrime: 6 Easy Steps + Example

In TallyPrime, altering existing voucher types allows you to modify their properties and settings to better suit your evolving accounting needs.

Here’s a detailed explanation on how to alter a voucher type, along with an example:

1. Altering a Voucher Type in TallyPrime:

1. Access Gateway of Tally:

Open the Gateway of Tally (usually by pressing Alt+F12).

2. Go To Option (Alternative):

Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To), type “Alter Voucher Type,” and press Enter.

3. Select Voucher Type:

A list of existing voucher types will be displayed. Choose the voucher type you want to modify by highlighting it and pressing Enter.

4. Modify Voucher Type Details:

You can modify various aspects of the selected voucher type, depending on your needs. Here are some common modifications:

  • Name: Edit the name of the voucher type (e.g., from “Expenses” to “Office Expenses”).
  • Type of Voucher: Change the transaction type the voucher represents (e.g., from “Payment” to “Journal”).
  • Abbreviation: Update the abbreviation for faster data entry.
  • Method of Voucher Numbering: Modify how voucher numbers are assigned within this type.
  • Optional Configurations: Revisit and adjust printing configurations or enable/disable the “Use effective dates for vouchers” option as needed.

5. Voucher Class (Optional):

If the voucher type uses voucher classes, you can modify them here as well. This might involve editing existing class names, creating new classes, or deleting unused classes.

6. Save and Exit:

Once you’ve made your changes, press Enter to save the modifications to the voucher type.

    2. Important Considerations:

    1. Existing Transactions:

    Be cautious when altering voucher types used in existing transactions.

    Significant changes might require adjustments to those transactions as well. Consider the impact on your data before making major modifications.

    2. Data Integrity:

    Ensure any changes maintain the integrity of your accounting data.

    It’s recommended to back up your data before making significant alterations.

    3. Example: Modifying a “Sales” Voucher Type

    1. Scenario:

    You want to modify the existing “Sales” voucher type to include a field for capturing the customer’s purchase order number.

    2. Steps:

    1. Access the Gateway of Tally.
    2. Go to “Alter” > “Voucher Type.”
    3. Select “Sales” from the list.
    4. You might not be able to directly add new fields within the voucher type alteration options in TallyPrime. However, consider alternative solutions:
      • Utilize the “Narration” field within the sales voucher to capture the purchase order number information.
      • Explore customization options offered by your TallyPrime version (if available) to potentially add custom fields to voucher types.

    4. In Conclusion:

    Altering voucher types in TallyPrime allows you to adapt your accounting system to evolving needs.

    However, exercise caution and consider the impact on existing data before making significant changes.

    Utilize the steps mentioned above and approach modifications strategically to maintain the integrity of your financial records.


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