Creating Voucher Types in TallyPrime: 6 Steps + Example

Here’s a detailed explanation on how to create a voucher type in TallyPrime, along with an example to guide you through the process:

1. Creating a Voucher Type in TallyPrime:

Voucher types categorize your financial transactions in TallyPrime.

Creating a new voucher type allows you to define specific types of transactions you might not have by default. Here’s how to do it:

1. Access Gateway of Tally:

Open the Gateway of Tally (usually by pressing Alt+F12).

2. Go To Option (Alternative):

Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To), type “Create Voucher Type,” and press Enter.

3. Define Voucher Type Details:

1. Name:

Enter a clear and concise name for your new voucher type (e.g., “Bank Transfer”).

2. Type of Voucher:

Select the type of transaction this voucher will represent. Common options include “Receipt,” “Payment,” “Contra,” “Journal,” etc. Choose the one that best suits your purpose.

3. Abbreviation (Optional):

Enter a short abbreviation for the voucher type (e.g., “BT” for Bank Transfer). This can be helpful for faster data entry.

4. Method of Voucher Numbering:

Choose how voucher numbers will be assigned for this type. Options include “Manual,” “Automatic,” and variations based on prefixes or suffixes.

4. Optional Configurations:

1. Use effective dates for vouchers:

Enable this option if you want to associate effective dates with vouchers created under this type.

2. Printing configurations:

You can set various printing preferences here, like default print title or bank details (specific to sales vouchers in some TallyPrime versions).

5. Create Voucher Class (Optional):

  • A voucher class allows you to further categorize vouchers within the same type.
  • This might be useful for grouping similar transactions (e.g., expense categories within a payment voucher type). Enter a name for the class if needed.

6. Save and Exit:

  • Once you’ve entered all the details, press Enter to save the new voucher type.

    2. Example: Creating a “Bank Transfer” Voucher Type

    1. Scenario:

    You want to create a separate voucher type for recording bank transfers between your accounts.

    2. Steps:

    1. Access the Gateway of Tally.
    2. Go to “Create” > “Voucher Type.”
    3. Name: Enter “Bank Transfer.”
    4. Type of Voucher: Select “Contra” (as bank transfers involve movement between accounts within Tally).
    5. Abbreviation: Enter “BT” (optional).
    6. Method of Voucher Numbering: Choose your preferred numbering method (e.g., “Automatic”).
    7. Save and Exit.

    3. Benefits of Creating Custom Voucher Types:

    1. Improved Organization:

    Custom voucher types help categorize transactions more specifically, leading to better organized financial records.

    2. Enhanced Reporting:

    With more defined voucher types, you can generate more precise and informative reports.

    3. Streamlined Data Entry:

    Using abbreviations for custom voucher types can speed up data entry.

    4. In Conclusion:

    Creating custom voucher types in TallyPrime offers flexibility in managing your financial transactions.

    By following the steps outlined above and understanding the benefits, you can customize your voucher types to suit your specific accounting needs and improve your overall financial record-keeping experience.


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