Configure Voucher Numbering for GST in TallyPrime: 3 Easy Ways

TallyPrime offers flexible options for configuring voucher numbering for GST transactions.

Here’s a breakdown of different approaches and considerations:

1. Automatic Numbering:

  • Default Setting: Most voucher types use automatic numbering. This ensures sequential numbering without manual intervention.
  • Benefits: Efficient, minimizes errors, and simplifies record-keeping.
  • GST Impact: TallyPrime automatically assigns prefixes like “GST-PUR” for purchase vouchers and “GST-SAL” for sales vouchers.

2. Manual Numbering:

  • Override Option: Available in automatic numbering. Enables entering specific voucher numbers if needed.
  • Benefits: Useful for specific numbering requirements or integrating with external systems.
  • GST Impact: Ensure manual numbers comply with your GST filing requirements and internal numbering logic.

3. Customized Numbering Series:

  • Advanced Option: Define multiple numbering series within a voucher type.
  • Benefits: Create separate numbering sequences for different GST scenarios (e.g., local vs. interstate purchases).
  • GST Impact: Carefully configure prefixes, suffixes, and starting numbers to align with your GST return needs.

4. Configuration Steps:

  • Go to Gateway of Tally > Create/Alter > Master > Voucher Types.
  • Select the relevant voucher type (e.g., Purchase, Sales).
  • In the Method of Voucher Numbering section:
    • Choose Automatic for sequential numbering with GST prefixes.
    • Choose Automatic (Manual Override) for some manual control within automatic sequence.
  • Set the Starting Number for your desired sequence (if manually overriding).
  • Optionally, define Prefix Details and Suffix Details for specific identification.
  • Save the updated configuration.

Additional Tips while Configuring Voucher Numbers for GST in TallyPrime:

  • For complex scenarios, consider consulting a qualified accountant or TallyPrime expert for guidance.
  • Maintain consistency in your numbering approach across voucher types for clarity and record-keeping.
  • Regularly review and manage voucher numbering series as needed to avoid conflicts or gaps.
  • Remember, accurate numbering is crucial for proper GST record-keeping and reporting.

By understanding these options and carefully configuring voucher numbering, you can ensure it aligns with your GST requirements and enhances the efficiency and accuracy of your financial data management in TallyPrime.


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