How to Create a Payment Voucher in TallyPrime: 7 (Thala) Steps

Here’s how to create a payment voucher in Tally, with examples and numbers:

1. Access the Payment Voucher:

2. Enter Voucher Details:

  • Date: Enter the date of the payment.
  • Voucher Type: Select “Payment” (usually the default).
  • Reference Number: Enter a reference number for easy tracking (optional).

3. Select Party Ledger to Credit:

  • Credit: Choose the ledger of the person or entity to whom you’re making the payment (e.g., supplier, employee, bank).

4. Enter Account to Debit:

  • Debit: Select the account from which the payment is being made. This is typically a bank account (e.g., “Cash” or “Bank of India”) or an expense account (e.g., “Purchase Expenses”).

5. Enter Amount:

  • Enter the amount paid in the Amount field.

6. Add Narration (optional):

  • Provide a brief description of the payment for reference.

7. Save:

  • Press Ctrl+A to save the payment voucher.

Payment Voucher Examples in TallyPrime

Example 1: Paying a supplier:

  • Debit: Purchase Expenses – ₹50,000
  • Credit: Supplier Name (e.g., XYZ Supplies) – ₹50,000

Example 2: Paying employee salary:

  • Debit: Salary Expense – ₹25,000
  • Credit: Employee Name (e.g., John Doe) – ₹25,000

Example 3: Repaying a bank loan:

  • Debit: Loan from Bank – ₹10,000
  • Credit: Bank of India – ₹10,000

Key Points while Creating Payment Entry in TallyPrime:

  • Use payment vouchers to record all cash and bank payments.
  • Ensure accuracy in account selection, party ledger details, and amounts.
  • Double-check the debit and credit balance.
  • Provide clear narrations for better understanding.
  • Regularly reconcile payment vouchers with bank statements and supplier accounts.


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