How to Create a Purchase Voucher in TallyPrime: 8 Easy Steps

Here are the steps on how to create a purchase voucher in TallyPrime:

1. Access the Purchase Voucher:

  • Option 1: Navigate to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > press F9 (Purchase).
  • Option 2: Use the shortcut Alt+G (Go To) > Create Voucher > press F9 (Purchase).

2. Choose Voucher Mode:

  • Item Invoice Mode: Ideal for recording purchases of goods or stock items with details like quantity and rate.
  • As Voucher Mode: Used for recording purchases of services or non-stock items, or when you don’t need to track item details.
  • Press Ctrl+H (Change Mode) to switch between modes.

3. Enter Voucher Details:

  • Date: Enter the date of the purchase.
  • Voucher Type: Select “Purchase” (usually the default).
  • Reference Number: Enter a reference number for easy tracking (optional).

4. Select Party Ledger:

  • Select the supplier’s ledger account from the list of ledgers.

5. Enter Purchase Details:

Item Invoice Mode:

Name of Item: Select the stock item purchased.
Quantity: Enter the quantity purchased.
Rate: Enter the unit purchase price.

TallyPrime will automatically calculate the amount.

As Voucher Mode:

Credit: Select the supplier’s ledger account.
Debit: Select the appropriate purchase ledger account (e.g., “Purchases – Raw Materials”). Enter the total purchase amount.

Optionally, allocate items by pressing Alt+C.

6. Add Additional Ledgers (if applicable):

  • Taxes: Select applicable tax ledgers (e.g., GST, VAT) and enter the tax amounts.
  • Freight: Select the freight ledger and enter the transportation charges.
  • Other expenses: Add any other applicable expenses (e.g., insurance, loading charges).

7. Enter Narration (optional):

  • Provide a brief description of the purchase for reference.

8. Save:

  • Press Ctrl+A to save the purchase voucher.

Key Points to Consider while Creating a Purchase Entry in TallyPrime:

  • Choose the appropriate voucher mode based on the nature of the purchase.
  • Ensure accuracy in supplier details, item details, quantities, and rates.
  • Correctly allocate taxes and other charges.
  • Use narrations for better tracking and reference.
  • Regularly reconcile purchase vouchers with supplier invoices and bank statements.


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