Post-Dated Vouchers Register in TallyPrime: 5 Steps + Example

In TallyPrime, there isn’t a dedicated report named “.”

However, you can access and manage post-dated vouchers through various methods within the software.

Here’s a breakdown and an example to understand how to view and manage them:

1. Why No Dedicated Register:

1. Integration with Regular Vouchers:

Post-dated vouchers are essentially regular vouchers with an additional flag for the future transaction date.

They reside within the same voucher listing structures as other voucher types.

2. Information Availability:

The information you’d typically find in a dedicated register is readily available when accessing individual post-dated vouchers.

2. Accessing Post-Dated Vouchers:

There are multiple ways to access and view post-dated vouchers in TallyPrime:

1. Voucher List (Based on Voucher Type):

  • Go to “Gateway” (usually Alt+F12).
  • Navigate to “Vouchers” and select the specific voucher type you used for the post-dated transaction (e.g., “Payments” if you issued a post-dated cheque).
  • Within the voucher list, identify vouchers marked as “Post Dated” (usually indicated by a specific symbol or mentioned in the date column).

2. Outstanding Items Report (Optional):

  • This report can be helpful in some situations, but it might not exclusively list post-dated vouchers. It depends on your specific report configuration.
  • Navigate to “Gateway” (usually Alt+F12).
  • Go to “Accounts” > “Reports” and choose “Outstanding Items.”
  • Filter the report (if available) to show only vouchers with a future date.

3. Search by Post Dated Date (Limited Use):

While not the most efficient method, you can attempt to search for vouchers based on the post-dated date (if the search functionality in your TallyPrime version supports searching by date).

    3. Example: Tracking a Post-Dated Cheque in TallyPrime

    1. Scenario:

    You issued a post-dated cheque for $1000 to a vendor on April 20th, with the cheque encashment date set for May 10th.

    2. Post-Dated Voucher:

    You created a payment voucher on April 20th, marking it as “Post Dated” with a post-dated date of May 10th.

    4. Accessing the Post-Dated Voucher in TallyPrime:

    1. Voucher List:

    Go to “Gateway” > “Vouchers” > “Payments.” You should see the voucher listed with the following details:

    • Date: April 20th (date of voucher creation).
    • Post Dated: Marked with a “Post Dated” indicator (symbol or text).
    • Post Dated Date: May 10th (cheque encashment date).
    • Particulars: “Issued Post-Dated Cheque to [Vendor Name].”
    • Debit and Credit: Accounts Payable A/c (increased by $1000), Bank A/c (decreased by $1000).

    2. Outstanding Items Report (Optional):

    If you have an “Outstanding Items” report configured to show future-dated transactions, you might see the voucher listed there as well.

      5. In Conclusion:

      While there’s no dedicated post-dated vouchers register in TallyPrime, you can effectively access and manage them through existing voucher lists and potentially through reports depending on your configuration.

      Utilize the methods mentioned above to track and manage your post-dated transactions for improved cash flow management and record keeping.


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