Stock Journal Voucher Class in TallyPrime: 5 Steps + Example

In TallyPrime, Stock Journal Voucher Classes offer a way to pre-define and categorize specific types of stock journal entries.

They function as sub-categories within the Stock Journal voucher type, allowing you to organize your stock transfer transactions more efficiently.

Here’s a detailed explanation with an example:

1. Understanding Stock Journal Voucher Classes in TallyPrime:

1. Purpose:

Classify and manage stock journal entries based on specific criteria. This can improve organization and simplify data entry for frequently occurring transfer scenarios.

2. Functionality:

  • You define voucher classes within the “Stock Journal” voucher type.
  • Each class can be assigned specific settings like:
    • Destination Godown: Pre-select the destination location where the transferred goods will be received.
    • Item Selection: Optionally restrict item selection to a specific category or pre-populate a list of commonly transferred items within the class.
  • When creating a Stock Journal voucher, you can choose the relevant class, which automatically populates certain fields based on the pre-defined settings.

2. Benefits of Using Voucher Classes:

1. Improved Organization:

Categorize stock journal entries based on factors like transfer purpose (e.g., “Inter-Branch Transfer,” “Return to Supplier”) or product category (e.g., “Electronics Transfer,” “Stationery Transfer”).

2. Simplified Data Entry:

Pre-defined destination godowns, item categories, or item lists within classes save time by automatically populating relevant fields.

3. Enhanced Reporting:

Filter reports based on voucher classes to generate focused reports on specific types of stock transfers.

3. Example: Creating Stock Journal Voucher Classes for Product Categories in TallyPrime

1. Scenario:

You want to categorize stock transfers based on the product categories (Electronics, Clothing, Furniture) you deal with.

2. Steps:

1. Access Voucher Type Creation/Alteration:

  • Open the Gateway of TallyPrime (usually Alt+F12).
  • Choose “Create Voucher Type” if you want to define a new voucher type with voucher classes (e.g., “Stock Transfers with Classes”).
  • Select “Alter Voucher Type” if you want to modify an existing voucher type (e.g., “Stock Journal”) to include voucher classes.

2. Enable “Maintain Voucher Class” (Optional):

  • Within the voucher type creation/alteration screen, look for an option like “Maintain voucher class” or “Enable Voucher Class.”
  • Tick this box if you want to use voucher classes for this voucher type.

3. Define Voucher Classes:

  • Create three voucher classes named “Electronics Transfer,” “Clothing Transfer,” and “Furniture Transfer.”

4. Configure Class Settings (Optional):

  • You can optionally define specific destination godowns for each class (e.g., “Electronics Showroom” for “Electronics Transfer”).
  • Consider pre-populating a list of commonly transferred items within each class if applicable.

5. Save the Changes:

  • Press Enter to save the changes you made to the Stock Journal voucher type.

    4. Using Voucher Classes for Stock Transfers:

    Now, when creating a Stock Journal voucher for a transfer:

    1. Select the appropriate voucher class based on the transferred product category (e.g., “Electronics Transfer”).
    2. The destination godown (if pre-defined in the class) will be automatically populated.
    3. If item lists were defined, you can choose from the pre-populated list or add additional items.
    4. Complete the remaining details (source godown, quantity, etc.) and save the Stock Journal voucher.

    5. Additional Considerations:

    • Voucher classes might not be universally available in all TallyPrime versions.
    • The level of customization (destination godown pre-selection, item list pre-population) might vary depending on your TallyPrime configuration.
    • Consider your specific needs when deciding whether voucher classes offer a beneficial level of organization for your stock transfers.

    6. In Conclusion:

    Stock Journal Voucher Classes in TallyPrime can be a valuable tool for organizing and streamlining your stock transfer data entry process, especially if you deal with frequent transfers categorized by specific criteria.

    Evaluate your inventory management needs and TallyPrime configuration to determine if voucher classes can enhance your workflow.


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