Rejection In Voucher in TallyPrime: 5 Easy Steps + Example

When a customer rejects goods you’ve delivered, TallyPrime’s Rejection In voucher helps you record the return of those items and update your inventory records accordingly.

Here’s a detailed explanation with an example:

1. Using Rejection In Voucher:

1. Access the Voucher:

  • Open the Gateway of TallyPrime (usually Alt+F12).
  • Navigate to “Vouchers” and select “Rejection In” (or press Ctrl+F6).

    1. Alternative Method (Optional):

    • Press Alt+G (Go To) and choose “Create Voucher” followed by “Rejection In.”

    2. Party Details:

    • Select the customer’s name (the party who rejected the goods) from the “Ledger Account” list. Their address will automatically populate (assuming it’s defined in the ledger master).

    3. Stock Item Details:

    • Select the stock item(s) being returned by the customer. You can choose multiple items by pressing Space after selecting one.
    • Enter the quantity of each item being returned.

    4. Optional Details:

    • Utilize the “Narration” field to provide a clear description of the reason for rejection (e.g., “Damaged goods received,” “Incorrect order”).
    • You can also use other optional fields like “Batch No.” or “Expiry Date” if relevant to the returned items.

    5. Save the Voucher:

    • Once you’ve entered all the details, press Ctrl+A to save the Rejection In voucher.
    • This will record the return of the goods and update your inventory stock levels.

      2. Example: Customer Returns Damaged Clothing

      1. Scenario:

      A customer, “ABC Clothing Store,” returns 2 damaged shirts from a recent order.

      2. Steps:

      1. Follow the steps mentioned above to access the Rejection In voucher.
      2. Party Details:
        • Select “ABC Clothing Store” from the “Ledger Account” list.
      3. Stock Item Details:
        • Select the “Shirt” stock item.
        • Enter the quantity being returned (2).
      4. Narration:
        • In the “Narration” field, mention “Return of Damaged Shirts (Order No. XYZ).”
      1. Save the Voucher:
        • Press Ctrl+A to save the Rejection In voucher, recording the return of the damaged shirts and adjusting your inventory.

      3. Benefits of Using Rejection In Voucher:

      1. Accurate Inventory Records:

      Ensures that your inventory levels reflect the returned goods, maintaining data integrity.

      2. Improved Customer Service:

      Documents the return process and provides a clear record for the customer.

      3. Tracking Return Trends:

      Helps you identify any recurring issues that lead to product rejections, enabling potential improvements.

      4. Additional Considerations while Using Rejection In Voucher in TallyPrime:

      • You might need to create a separate sales return process for situations where a customer returns goods for a refund or exchange, depending on your company’s policies.
      • If the returned goods are damaged or unusable, you might need to consider writing them off as inventory losses through separate accounting procedures.

      5. In Conclusion:

      The Rejection In voucher in TallyPrime is a convenient tool for efficiently recording the return of rejected goods and maintaining accurate inventory records.

      By utilizing this functionality, you can effectively manage customer returns and gain valuable insights into potential product or delivery issues.


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