Stock Item Monthly Summary Report in TallyPrime: 5 Easy Steps

TallyPrime offers the Stock Item Monthly Summary report to provide detailed insights into the movement and quantity of a specific stock item over a chosen period, typically broken down by month.

Here’s a breakdown of how to access and understand this report with examples:

1. Accessing Stock Item Monthly Summary:

1. Go to the Stock Item:

  • Navigate to Gateway of Tally (usually Alt+F12).
  • Select “Inventory Info” and then “Stock Items.”
  • Choose the specific stock item for which you want to view the Monthly Summary.

2. View the Monthly Summary:

There are two primary ways to access the report:

  • Method 1 (Shortcut): Press Alt+M on your keyboard (shortcut for “Monthly Summary”).
  • Method 2 (Menu): Press Ctrl+O (Related Reports) and then select “Monthly Summary.”

    2. Understanding the Stock Item Monthly Summary in TallyPrime:

    The report displays a table with the following information for each month within the selected period:

    • Month: The specific month included in the analysis.
    • Opening Balance: The quantity of the stock item at the beginning of the month.
    • Purchases: The total quantity purchased during the month.
    • Sales: The total quantity sold during the month.
    • Closing Balance: The quantity of the stock item remaining at the end of the month.
    • Value (Optional): This column might be present depending on your TallyPrime configuration and displays the value (cost) associated with the quantity for each section (Opening Balance, Purchases, Sales, Closing Balance).

    3. Additional Information about the Monthly Summary Report:

    The report might also include a graphical representation of the stock item movement, providing a visual understanding of the inflow (purchases) and outflow (sales) throughout the months.

    4. Stock Item Monthly Summary Report Example:

    You want to analyze the stock movement of “T-Shirts” for the past quarter (Jan – Mar). Here’s what the report might show:

    MonthOpening BalancePurchasesSalesClosing Balance

    5. Benefits of Stock Item Monthly Summary:

    • Provides a detailed breakdown of stock movement for a specific item over time.
    • Helps identify trends in purchases, sales, and overall stock levels.
    • Enables you to pinpoint potential stockouts or overstocking situations for better inventory management.
    • Offers a visual representation (if available) for easier analysis of stock flow.

    6. Additional Considerations:

    • You can customize the report’s date range by setting specific start and end dates.
    • Leverage the report alongside the Stock Summary report for a broader perspective of your inventory health.

    By effectively utilizing the Stock Item Monthly Summary report in TallyPrime, you gain valuable insights into the movement and performance of individual stock items, empowering you to make data-driven decisions regarding inventory management strategies.


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