Know Your Stock Details in TallyPrime: 4 Easy Ways + 4 Examples

TallyPrime offers several functionalities to help you understand your stock details effectively.

Here’s a breakdown of the key methods and examples:

1. Stock Summary Report in TallyPrime:

This report provides a comprehensive overview of your inventory, including:

1. Opening Stock Value:

The total cost of your stock items at the beginning of the selected period.

2. Purchases:

The total value of purchases made during the period.

3. Sales:

The total revenue generated from sales during the period.

4. Closing Stock Value:

The total cost of your remaining stock items at the end of the period.

5. How to Access:

Go to Gateway of Tally (Alt+F12) -> Reports -> Inventory Reports -> Stock Summary.

6. Example:

The Stock Summary report shows that for T-shirts:

Opening StockRs. 10,000
PurchasesRs. 20,000
SalesRs. 25,000
Closing StockRs. 5,000

7. Benefits:

  • Offers a quick and clear picture of your inventory levels for each stock item.
  • Helps identify potential overstocking or understocking situations.

2. Stock Ledger in TallyPrime:

This report provides a detailed transaction history for each stock item, including:

  • Dates of purchases and sales.
  • Quantities and rates involved in each transaction.
  • Running balance of the stock item throughout the period.

1. How to Access:

  • Go to Gateway (Alt+F12) -> Accounts -> Reports -> Ledger -> Stock Items (Select the specific stock item).

2. Example:

The Stock Ledger for Laptops shows individual purchase and sale transactions with quantities, rates, and the updated stock balance after each transaction.

3. Benefits:

  • Enables you to track the movement of specific stock items over time.
  • Helps identify trends and patterns in your inventory flow.

3. Stock Item Inquiry in TallyPrime:

This option allows you to view specific details about a stock item, including:

1. How to Access:

  • Go to Gateway (Alt+F12) -> Inventory Info -> Stock Items (Select the specific stock item).

2. Example:

The Stock Item Inquiry for T-Shirts shows details like the stock group (“Clothing”), unit of measurement (“Pieces”), reorder level (set to 50), and current purchase and sales prices.

3. Benefits:

  • Provides a quick way to access important information about individual stock items.
  • Helps you manage your inventory levels effectively.

4. Stock Ageing Analysis in TallyPrime:

This report analyzes how long your stock items have been in inventory. It helps identify slow-moving or obsolete stock that might require corrective actions.

1. How to Access:

  • Go to Gateway (Alt+F12) -> Reports -> Inventory Reports -> Stock Ageing Analysis.

2. Example:

The Stock Ageing Analysis might reveal that a particular laptop model has been in stock for an extended period, indicating potential overstocking.

3. Benefits:

  • Helps identify and address potential inventory obsolescence issues.
  • Optimizes inventory management by focusing on faster-moving items.

5. Additional Tips for Stock Details in TallyPrime:

  • You can customize most of these reports by setting filters for specific date ranges, stock groups, or stock items.
  • Utilize features like comparative analysis in reports to compare stock performance across different periods.
  • Regularly reviewing these reports allows you to make informed decisions about inventory allocation, product selection, and overall inventory management strategies.

By effectively using these methods in TallyPrime, you gain valuable insights into your stock details, enabling you to optimize inventory levels, reduce carrying costs, and improve your overall business efficiency.


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