Stock Group Movement Analysis in TallyPrime: 5 Steps + Example

Stock Group Movement Analysis in TallyPrime provides a consolidated view of stock movement for all items within a chosen stock group over a specific period.

This report helps you analyze the overall inflow (purchases) and outflow (sales/consumption) for a category of items, enabling better inventory management decisions.

1. Accessing the Stock Group Movement Analysis Report in TallyPrime:

  1. Go to the Gateway of Tally (Alt+F12).
  2. Navigate to Reports > Inventory Reports.
  3. Select Stock Group Movement Analysis.

Alternatively, you can use a keyboard shortcut:

  • Press Alt+G (Go To) and type or select “Stock Group Movement Analysis.”

2. Understanding the Stock Group Movement Analysis Report:

The report displays a summary of stock movement for the chosen stock group and timeframe. It typically includes:

  • Date: Date of the transaction affecting an item within the stock group.
  • Voucher Type: Type of transaction (e.g., Purchase Bill, Sales Invoice, Delivery Note).
  • Voucher No.: Reference number of the transaction.
  • Inward: Total quantity received for all items within the stock group on that date (typically through purchases).
  • Outward: Total quantity issued for all items within the stock group on that date (typically through sales or consumption).
  • Balance: Remaining total quantity for all items within the stock group after each transaction.
  • Rate (Optional): This might be an average cost or selling price per unit, depending on the transaction type.
  • Value (Optional): This might show the total cost or revenue associated with transactions for the entire stock group (quantity multiplied by rate).

3. Stock Group Movement Analysis Example in TallyPrime:

You want to analyze the movement of your “Electronics” stock group for the last month (April). The report might show:

DateVoucher TypeVoucher No.InwardOutwardBalanceRate (Optional)Value (Optional)
April 5thPurchase BillPUR-00420020500 (per unit)10,000
April 12thSales InvoiceS-00501010600 (per unit)6,000
April 20thDelivery NoteDN-004055

4. Benefits of Stock Group Movement Analysis:

  • Provides a consolidated view of inventory movement for a category of items.
  • Helps identify overall trends in purchases, sales, and stock levels for a specific group.
  • Enables you to pinpoint potential stockouts or overstocking within a product category.
  • Assists in forecasting demand and making informed purchasing decisions for the entire group.
  • Identifies high-selling or slow-moving categories within your inventory.

5. Additional Considerations about Stock Group Movement Analysis in TallyPrime:

  • You can compare data for multiple stock groups by adding them as additional columns in the report (using Alt+N or “Set Columns”).
  • Leverage the report alongside the Stock Summary and Stock Item Movement Analysis reports for a more comprehensive inventory analysis.
  • Analyze the report data to identify areas for improvement in inventory management for your product categories.

By effectively utilizing the Stock Group Movement Analysis report in TallyPrime, you gain valuable insights into the overall performance of your stock groups, empowering you to make data-driven decisions regarding inventory planning, resource allocation, and overall inventory management strategies.


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