Consolidated Financial Data of Group Companies in TallyPrime

TallyPrime allows you to view the consolidated financial data of your group companies, providing a comprehensive picture of your entire business group’s financial health.

Here’s a guide on how to access and analyze this consolidated data:

1. Prerequisites for viewing consolidated financial data:

Ensure you’ve already created a group company in TallyPrime that includes all the member companies you want to consolidate. Refer to the previous guide on creating a group company in TallyPrime if needed.

2. Viewing Consolidated Financial Statements:

1. Load the Group Company:

  • Press Alt + F3 (Select Company) to open the “Select Company” screen.
  • Load the group company you created for consolidation.

2. Access Financial Statements:

  • Navigate to the financial statements you want to view for the consolidated data. Common options include:
    • Balance Sheet: Press Alt + F1 (Balance Sheet).
    • Profit & Loss Account: Press Alt + F2 (Profit & Loss).

3. Consolidated View:

  • By default, TallyPrime displays the consolidated financial data for the group company. This incorporates the combined information from all member companies included in the group.

4. Analyzing Data (Optional):

  • Utilize the features within the report view to analyze the consolidated data:
    • Comparative Analysis: Compare the current period’s consolidated data with previous periods to identify trends.
    • Drill Down (if applicable): Some reports might allow you to drill down into specific accounts or groups for a more granular analysis.
    • Exporting Reports: Export the consolidated reports to formats like Excel for further analysis or sharing (if available).

3. Comparing with Member Companies (Optional):

1. Access Member Company List:

While viewing the consolidated financial statement in the group company, press Alt + N (Member Companies).

2. View Individual Statements:

  • A list of member companies included in the group will be displayed.
  • Select a specific member company to view its individual financial statements for comparison.

Additional Tips for Consolidated Financial Data of Group Companies in TallyPrime:

1. Consolidated Journal Entries:

You can access the consolidated journal entries for the group company to understand the underlying transactions contributing to the consolidated financial statements.

2. Consolidation Reports:

While TallyPrime primarily focuses on consolidated financial statements, some third-party add-ons might offer more specialized consolidation reports for in-depth analysis (consult authorized Tally service providers for details).

Benefits of Viewing Consolidated Data:

1. Improved Decision-Making:

Gain a holistic view of your group’s financial performance, enabling better-informed strategic decisions.

2. Performance Monitoring:

Track the overall profitability, liquidity, and solvency of your entire business group.

3. Performance Comparison:

Compare the consolidated performance with individual member companies to identify areas for improvement.

By following these steps and exploring the available functionalities, you can effectively utilize TallyPrime to view and analyze the consolidated financial data of your group companies, ensuring a clear understanding of your overall business health.


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