Altering a Group Company in TallyPrime: 4 Easy Steps

TallyPrime allows you to modify the details or member companies associated with an existing group company.

Here’s a detailed guide on altering a group company:


  • Ensure you have loaded the group company you want to alter in TallyPrime. (Alt + F3 > Select Company)

Steps to Alter the Group Company:

1. Access Company Alteration:

  • Press Alt + K (Company) to access the “Company” menu.
  • Select Alter.

2. Select Group Company:

  • In the “Company Alteration” screen, a list of companies will be displayed.
  • Select the group company you want to modify from the list.

3. Modify Details (Optional):

  • You can edit the following details for the group company (if needed):
    • Name: Change the name of the group company.
    • Mailing Name: Update the mailing address for the group company (optional).
  • You can leave other fields like Address and Opening Balance unchanged unless necessary.

4. Manage Member Companies:

  • This is the crucial aspect of altering a group company:

1. Add Members:

  • In the “Member Companies” field, a list of companies will be displayed. Any companies currently included in the group will be marked.
  • Select the checkboxes next to all the additional member companies you want to include in the group.

2. Remove Members:

  • If you want to remove any existing member companies from the group, uncheck the corresponding checkboxes next to their names in the “Member Companies” list.
  • Important Note: Removing a member company can have implications for previous consolidated data. It’s recommended to consult an accounting professional or Tally support resources before removing members, especially if you rely on historical consolidated reports.

3. Save and Accept:

  • After making the necessary changes, press Ctrl + A or click the “Accept” button to save the alterations to the group company.

Additional Considerations:

1. Impact on Consolidated Data:

Altering member companies in a group can affect previously generated consolidated reports. You might need to regenerate consolidated reports after modifying the group composition.

2. Data Backup:

It’s always advisable to create a data backup before altering a group company, especially if you plan to remove members, to ensure you have a recoverable state in case of unforeseen issues.

Benefits of Altering a Group Company in TallyPrime:

1. Maintain Updated Information:

Keep the group company details and member companies list current to reflect any changes within your business structure.

2. Consolidation Flexibility:

Add or remove member companies from the group as needed to adapt to evolving business needs and ensure accurate consolidated reporting.

By following these steps and considering the additional points, you can effectively alter group companies in TallyPrime, ensuring your consolidated financial data reflects the most recent structure of your business group.

Remember to consult relevant resources for guidance on managing consolidated data after altering the group composition.


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