Godown Report Details in TallyPrime: 5 Steps + Example

In TallyPrime, exploring Godown report details goes beyond simply viewing the Godown/Location Summary.

Here’s a detailed breakdown on how to delve deeper into the information and gain a more comprehensive understanding of your inventory across different storage facilities:

1. Drilling Down within the Godown/Location Summary:

  1. Access the Godown/Location Summary report as explained in the previous response.
  2. Locate a specific godown and stock item combination that interests you.

2. Exploring Godown & Stock Item Details:

  • Press Enter on the desired godown and stock item combination.

This action triggers a “drill-down” into the report, revealing further details for that specific combination. Here’s what you might see:

1. Monthly Summary:

This section presents the opening balance, inward and outward movements, and closing balance for each month within the chosen reporting period.

2. Contributing Transactions:

This section lists all individual transactions (purchases, sales, transfers, etc.) that affected the stock level of the chosen item in the selected godown during the reporting period.

3. Example of Godown Report Details in TallyPrime:

Let’s say you see in the Godown/Location Summary that the “Main Warehouse” has 40 LED TVs (42 inch) remaining at the end of May 2024. You’re curious about the stock movement throughout the month.

  1. Press Enter on the line for “Main Warehouse” and “LED TV (42 inch)”.
  2. The drill-down might show a monthly summary with details for May 2024, indicating:
    • Opening Balance: 20 TVs
    • Inwards: 50 TVs
    • Outwards: 30 TVs
    • Closing Balance: 40 TVs
  3. The drill-down might also display a list of contributing transactions, revealing:
    • A purchase invoice dated May 10th for 25 TVs.
    • A sales invoice dated May 15th for 15 TVs.
    • A stock transfer out voucher dated May 20th for 15 TVs (moved to another godown).

4. Further Exploration:

Double-clicking on a specific transaction in the contributing transactions list will open that particular transaction voucher for detailed viewing. This allows you to analyze the specifics of each stock movement.

5. Additional Tips:

  • Utilize the F2 (Party) or F3 (Ledger) option within the drill-down to view specific party or stock item details related to the chosen combination.
  • Consider exporting the Godown/Location Summary report to Excel (using the Alt+E option) for further analysis and manipulation of the data.
  • Combine insights from the Godown/Location Summary with other reports, such as the Stock Ageing Analysis report, to gain a more holistic view of your inventory management practices across different godowns.

By exploring Godown report details in TallyPrime through drill-down features and additional functionalities, you empower yourself to:

  • Analyze stock movement patterns for specific items within each godown over time.
  • Identify potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies in your inventory management at individual storage locations.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how stock levels fluctuate based on purchases, sales, and transfers within each godown.

This deeper exploration allows you to optimize your inventory management and make informed decisions regarding stock replenishment strategies, stock placement across warehouses, and potential adjustments to your overall inventory control processes.


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