Configure Godown Summary in TallyPrime: 2 Ways + 2 Examples

In TallyPrime, the Godown Summary report offers valuable insights, but you might want to customize it to suit your specific needs.

Here’s a detailed explanation on how to configure the Godown Summary report, along with examples

Configuration Options for Godown Summary in TallyPrime:

While the Godown Summary report provides a default set of information, TallyPrime allows you to configure it to display additional details or filter the data based on your preferences. Here are two main ways to configure the report:

1. Using F12 (Configure):

  1. Access the Godown/Location Summary report as explained earlier (Gateway of Tally> Display > Statements of Inventory > Godown).
  2. Press F12 (Configure) to open the configuration options.

1. Common Configuration Options:

1. Show Stock Items with zero Quantity or Balance:

Set this to “Yes” to include godowns with no stock for the selected item(s).

2. Exclude details with no transactions:

Set this to “No” to display all godowns, even if there weren’t any transactions for the chosen period.

3. Select Groups:

Choose specific stock groups (categories) to include in the report.

4. Select Ledgers:

Select individual stock items to display in the report.

2. Example (Including Godowns with Zero Stock):

By default, the Godown Summary might not show godowns where a particular stock item has no remaining balance.

To include them:

  1. Access the Godown Summary report.
  2. Press F12 (Configure).
  3. Set “Show Stock Items with zero Quantity or Balance” to “Yes”.
  4. Save the configuration (usually Ctrl+A).

This will display all godowns associated with the chosen stock item, even if their quantity is zero.

2. Using Alt+F11 (Filters):

  1. Access the Godown/Location Summary report.
  2. Press Alt+F11 (Filters) to open the filtering options.

Here you can set filters based on:

  • Date Range: Specify a custom date range for the report.
  • Godowns: Select specific godowns to include in the report.
  • Stock Groups: Filter the report to show only specific stock groups.
  • Ledger Values: Filter based on stock item names or codes.

1. Example (Filtering by Date Range):

You might want to view the Godown Summary for the last quarter instead of the default period.

  1. Access the Godown Summary report.
  2. Press Alt+F11 (Filters).
  3. Set the “Date Range” filter to your desired quarter.
  4. Save the filters (usually Ctrl+S).

This will display the Godown Summary information only for the chosen date range.

3. Additional Considerations:

  • You can combine configuration options from both F12 and Alt+F11 for a more customized report view.
  • Remember to reset any configurations or filters after you’ve finished analyzing the report to avoid affecting future reports.

By effectively configuring the Godown Summary report in TallyPrime, you can tailor the information displayed to your specific needs, enabling you to gain more focused insights into your inventory management across different storage facilities.

This empowers you to make informed decisions regarding stock allocation, replenishment strategies, and overall inventory optimization within your warehouse network.


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