Validate Changes and Deletion of Masters in TallyPrime: 2 Ways

TallyPrime offers functionalities to track and validate changes made to masters (accounts, stock items, etc.)

Here’s how you can achieve this:

1. Verifying Changes with Edit Log (For Users with Edit Log Enabled):

1. Enable Edit Log (if not already):

This feature needs to be activated during company creation or alteration. You can’t enable it retrospectively for existing data.

2. Open the Chart of Accounts:

Use either the Gateway of Tally or the Go To feature (refer to previous explanation on viewing Chart of Accounts).

3. Locate the Master:

Navigate to the specific master (ledger, stock item, etc.) you want to track changes for.

4. Access Edit Log:

There are two ways to access the edit log:

  • Keyboard Shortcut: Press Alt + E on the selected master.
  • Right-Click Menu: Right-click on the master and select “Edit Log” from the context menu.

5. View Change History:

The Edit Log window will display a record of all modifications made to the selected master, including:

  • Date and Time: Timestamp of the change.
  • User: Username of the person who made the change (if user accounts are enabled).
  • Old Value: The original value before the modification.
  • New Value: The current value after the modification.

2. Verifying Changes Through Basis of Values (For All Users):

This method works even if the Edit Log feature is not enabled.

1. Open the Chart of Accounts:

Follow the methods mentioned previously.

2. Apply Basis of Values Filter:

  • Press Ctrl + B to open the “Basis of Values” sub-screen.
  • In the “Show Report For” section, select the type of master you want to view changes for (e.g., Ledgers, Stock Items).
  • For Viewing Deleted Masters: Under the same “Show Report For” section, tick the checkbox next to “Include Deleted Ledgers/Stock Items/Groups” (depending on the master type).
  • Press Ctrl + A to save the filter settings.

3. Review Altered or Deleted Masters:

The Chart of Accounts will now display:

  • Altered Masters: Masters with any edits made to their information will be highlighted or marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Deleted Masters: If you included deleted masters in the filter, they will be displayed with a strikethrough or marked as “Deleted”.

Additional Notes:

  • While the Edit Log provides a more detailed history of changes, the Basis of Values method offers a simpler way to identify altered or deleted masters, even without Edit Log enabled.
  • You can’t directly edit or restore deleted masters through these functionalities. You’ll need to use data recovery procedures (consult Tally Support if necessary) or recreate the master if it was unintentionally deleted.

Benefits of Validating Changes and Deletions:

  • Data Integrity: Verifying changes ensures the accuracy and consistency of your financial data.
  • Audit Trail: The Edit Log provides an auditable record of all modifications, crucial for compliance purposes.
  • Error Detection: Identifying unauthorized or accidental changes allows for timely correction and data cleansing.

By understanding these methods, you can effectively validate changes and deletions of masters in TallyPrime, maintaining the integrity and accuracy of your financial data.

Remember that data recovery for accidentally deleted masters might be a complex process, so exercising caution during master management is crucial.


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