View Edit Log in TallyPrime: Explained in 6 Simple Steps

Okay, imagine you’re a detective in the financial world of your business, and TallyPrime is your super cool gadget to track everything.

The Edit Log is like a secret logbook that keeps track of all the changes made to your financial cases (transactions) and suspects (accounts).

Let’s see how to use it!

1. Requirements to View Edit Log in TallyPrime:

You need to be a business detective with some experience, which means you should be using TallyPrime Release 2.1 or later.

Earlier versions don’t have this feature.

2. Here’s how to view the Edit Log for Transactions:

1. Case Selection:

Open TallyPrime and get ready to work on a specific case.

You can do this by selecting your company or opening the specific voucher (purchase, sales, etc.) you’re interested in.

2. Gadget Activation (Optional):

If you don’t see the “Edit Log” option right away, press Alt+K to activate the “Company” menu. This is like switching on your detective tools.

3. Unlocking the Logbook:

Press F12 to configure the company settings.

Don’t worry, you’re not messing with anything critical here.

4. Finding the Secret Switch:

Look for an option called “Set Edit Log Applicability” and make sure it’s set to “Yes”.

This is like turning on the power for the Edit Log feature. Press Ctrl+A to save the setting.

5. Accessing the Logbook:

Now the fun part! There are two ways to access the Edit Log:

1. From Vouchers:

If you’re already looking at a specific voucher (like a purchase you want to investigate), press Alt+Q.

This is like opening the voucher’s secret case file with the Edit Log.

2. From Ledger Accounts (Optional):

If you’re looking at a specific account (like your inventory), press Ctrl+B and then choose “Show Report.”

This will give you a report on the account. Now, press F2 and choose “Show Report for Altered Vouchers Only” (assuming Edit Log is enabled).

This narrows down the report to show only transactions where something fishy might have happened (changes were made).

Once you have the report, you can select a specific transaction to view its Edit Log using Alt+Q.

6. Reading the Logbook:

The Edit Log shows you two versions of the transaction: the original one and the most recent one.

It highlights the changes made in red text, so you can easily see what the detective before you modified.

You can also use the + and - keys on your keyboard to switch between different versions of the transaction for further investigation.

    3. Important Reminders for Viewing Edit Log in TallyPrime:

    • The Edit Log is a view-only record. You can’t change anything directly in the logbook itself.
    • Make sure you have the necessary permissions (admin access) to view the Edit Log.

    So, there you have it! Now you can be a financial detective and use the Edit Log in TallyPrime to track changes, maintain data integrity, and solve any financial mysteries that come your way!


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