How to Create/Alter Multiple Masters on Single Screen in TallyPrime

TallyPrime offers a convenient feature for creating or altering multiple masters (accounts, stock items, etc.) simultaneously, saving you time and effort.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to achieve this:

1. Creating Multiple Masters in TallyPrime:

1. Go To Chart of Accounts:

Press Alt + G (Go To) and select Chart of Accounts or navigate to it through the Gateway of Tally (refer to previous explanations for accessing the Chart of Accounts).

2. Enable Multi-Creation:

Press Alt + H (Multi-Masters) and choose “Multi Create”.

3. Enter Master Details:

The “Multi Ledger Creation” screen will appear. Here, you can define the details for the multiple masters you want to create:

  • Account Type (for Ledgers): Select the account type (e.g., Cash, Bank, Debtors, Creditors) from the “Group” or “Sub-Group” field depending on your Chart of Accounts structure.
  • Opening Balance (Optional): Enter the opening balance (optional) for each master you create. You can leave it blank if not applicable.
  • Narration (Optional): Add a common narration (description) that applies to all the masters you’re creating (optional).

4. Create Masters:

  • Manually Entering Names: In the “Ledger Name” field, enter the name for the first master you want to create. Then, press Tab to move to the next line and enter the name for the second master. Repeat this process for all the masters you want to create.
  • Importing Names (Optional): If you have a list of master names in a text file, you can import them using the “Import” option within the “Multi Ledger Creation” screen. (Consult TallyPrime documentation for specific import steps).

5. Save and Accept:

Once you’ve entered the details for all the masters, press Ctrl + A or click the “Accept” button to save and create them simultaneously.

2. Altering Multiple Masters:

1. Follow Steps 1 & 2:

As with creating multiple masters, access the Chart of Accounts and enable Multi-Masters using Alt + G and then Alt + H (Multi-Masters) > “Multi Alter”.

2. Select Masters:

The “Multi Ledger Alteration” screen appears. In the “Ledger Name” field, enter the names (or part of the names) of the masters you want to modify. You can use wildcards (*) to match multiple entries partially.

3. Apply Changes:

  • Modifying a Single Field: If you want to modify a single field (like Opening Balance) for all the selected masters, enter the new value in the corresponding field (e.g., “Opening Balance”). The changes will be applied to all selected masters.
  • Modifying Multiple Fields: For altering multiple fields (like account name and group), you’ll need to use the “Advanced Alter” option within the screen. This allows you to define specific modifications for each master. (Consult TallyPrime documentation for details on advanced multi-alteration).

4. Save and Accept:

Once you’ve made the desired changes, press Ctrl + A or click “Accept” to save the alterations to the selected masters.

3. Benefits of Using Multi-Creation/Alteration:

  • Improved Efficiency: Create or modify numerous masters quickly and easily in one go.
  • Reduced Errors: Entering data for multiple masters in a single screen minimizes the risk of errors compared to individual creation/alteration.
  • Time-Saving: This feature significantly reduces the time required to manage a large number of masters.

Additional Notes to Create/Alter Multiple Masters on Single Screen in TallyPrime:

  • While Multi-Creation allows for entering a common narration for all masters, Multi-Alteration doesn’t offer the ability to modify narrations for multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • For complex modifications involving multiple fields, explore the “Advanced Alter” option within Multi-Alteration (refer to TallyPrime documentation for details).

By following these steps and understanding the benefits, you can effectively utilize TallyPrime’s Multi-Creation and Multi-Alteration functionalities to manage your Chart of Accounts efficiently and save valuable time.


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