TallyPrime Release 4.0: 17 New & Exciting Features and Improvements


Discover the latest features and enhancements in TallyPrime and TallyPrime Edit Log Release 4.0, designed to bring joy and efficiency to your business operations.

1. Instant Communication: WhatsApp Integration

Seamlessly share vouchers and reports through WhatsApp, fostering efficient communication with stakeholders.

2. Effortless Data Handling: MS Excel Import

Simplify data entry with a straightforward import process for masters and transactions from MS Excel.

3. Business Health Snapshot: Graphical Dashboard

Get a quick overview of your business health through a state-of-the-art graphical dashboard.

4. Seamless Sharing: WhatsApp for Business

Facilitate instant sharing of documents, digitally signed financial statements, invoices, and reminder letters through WhatsApp for Business.

5. Effortless Data Migration: MS Excel Import

Addressing the nightmare of manual data entry, TallyPrime 4.0 offers a seamless import from MS Excel, supporting various formats.

6. Visual Financial Insights: Graphical Dashboard

Harness the power of dashboards for in-depth analysis. Customize tiles, restrict access based on user rights, and create personalized dashboards.

7. Product Improvements for Efficiency:

A. Invoice Printing Enhancement:

  • Print invoices with Previous and Current Balances for a more result-oriented approach.

B. GST and Payment Request Modules:

  • Export GSTR-3B for QRMP Dealers in a single JSON file.
  • View Party GSTIN/UIN in the Input Tax Credit Available section of GSTR-3B.
  • Explore TallyEdge and TallyPrime Powered by AWS easily through respective menus.

C. TDS and TCS Returns:

  • Export returns as per the latest FVU Tool 8.2.

D. GST Ledger Enhancements:

  • Add GST ledgers in RCM purchase vouchers and purchases from Unregistered Dealers (URD).

E. Invoice Flexibility:

  • Update GST Amount seamlessly after overriding the GST Rate.

F. Job Work Out Orders:

  • Print Company GSTIN/UIN in Job Work Out Orders.

G. Export Improvements:

  • Total Value field in exported MS Excel and CSV of GSTR-1 HSN Summary now displays the total GST amount.

H. GST Nature View:

  • Resolve issues related to doubling Taxable and Tax Amount for certain transactions in the Nature View of GSTR-3B.

I. Voucher Records for Import of Services:

  • Vouchers recorded for Import of Services exempt from taxes now included in the Input Tax Credit Available section of GSTR-3B.

8. Smooth Operations Across Platforms:

  • Export GSTR-1 seamlessly, even when data is imported from another software.
  • Record multiple purchase vouchers with the same Bill of Entry No.

9. Enhanced User Experience:

A. Voucher Upload on GST Portal:

B. Smooth GST Data Entry:

  • Overcome challenges during voucher creation with GST-related information.

C. Excel Export Through ODBC:

  • Resolve issues with missing details in the MS Excel file exported through ODBC.

D. Operational Stability:

  • TallyPrime runs smoothly irrespective of the length of HSN/SAC in transactions.

10. Seamless Migration:

  • Users on Release 2.1 or earlier can migrate data without memory-related errors, while users on Release 3.0 or 3.0.1 can directly load data into Release 4.0.

11. Enhanced Payment Request Functionality:

  • Allow partial payments and alterations through UPI, with prompt QR code generation.

12. Streamlined e-Invoice Generation:

  • Generate e-Invoices seamlessly for various scenarios, including transactions with government entities and intrastate transactions not applicable for e-Way Bill.

13. Invoice Printing and e-Way Bill:

  • Print QR Codes for Payment Request in Simple Invoice format even with disabled GST.
  • Apply e-Way Bill printing configuration to all invoices consistently.

14. Improved Performance:

  • Reduce time taken to select Order No. in Delivery Notes, enhancing performance in a multi-user environment.

15. Title Consistency:

  • Maintain consistency in the title of Sales Invoices downloaded from browsers.

16. Tax Relief Optimization:

  • Optimize marginal tax relief for employees with taxable income between Rs. 7,00,000 and Rs. 7,27,777.

17. GCC VAT Details:

  • Retain GCC VAT details in invoices, irrespective of the ledger and its sub-group.


TallyPrime Release 4.0 is a comprehensive update, addressing various aspects to enhance user experience and

streamline business processes. Upgrade now to enjoy these exciting features and improvements.


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