How to Create a Company in TallyPrime: 9 Easy Steps

Here are the steps on how to create a company in TallyPrime:

1. Launch TallyPrime:

  • Start the TallyPrime software on your computer.

2. Select Create Company:

  • If you’re launching TallyPrime for the first time, you’ll see the “Create Company” option directly.
  • If you already have a company open, press Alt+K (Company) > Create.

3. Fill in Company Details:

  • Name: Enter the full legal name of your company.
  • Mailing Name: If applicable, enter a shorter name for mailing purposes.
  • Address: Provide the complete physical address of your company.
  • State, Country, PIN Code: Select the appropriate options.
  • Contact Details: Enter phone numbers, email addresses, and website if desired.

4. Specify Financial Year:

  • Select the financial year from which you want to start maintaining accounts in TallyPrime.
  • Indicate the starting date of the financial year.

5. Set Base Currency:

  • Choose the primary currency used for transactions in your company.

6. Enable GST (if applicable):

  • If your company is registered for GST, enable the GST feature.
  • Provide your GST registration details.

7. Set Security Controls (optional):

  • You can create different user accounts with varying levels of access for security purposes.

8. Configure Company Features:

  • Press F11 to access the Company Features screen.
  • Enable the features you need, such as Inventory, Payroll, Banking, and others.

9. Accept and Save:

  • Press Ctrl+A or click on the “Accept” button to save the company details.

Additional Considerations while Creating a Company in TallyPrime:

  • Group Companies: If you have multiple related companies, you can create a group company for consolidated reporting.
  • Data Backup: Regularly create backups of your company data to ensure its safety.
  • Refer to Tally Documentation: For more detailed instructions and troubleshooting, consult the TallyPrime documentation or support resources.


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