How to Delete a Company in TallyPrime: 5 Easy Steps

1. Access the Company Alteration screen:

  • Press Alt+K (Company) on your keyboard.
  • Select the option Alter.

2. Choose the company to delete:

  • In the list of companies, highlight the company you want to remove.
  • If you’re dealing with a group company, select the group company itself.

3. Initiate the deletion process:

  • Press Alt+D on your keyboard to initiate the deletion.

4. Confirm the deletion:

  • TallyPrime will prompt you with a message asking for confirmation.
  • Press Yes to proceed with the deletion.

5. Important points to remember:

Deleting a group company:

If you delete a group company, only the group structure is removed, not the individual member companies.

They can still be accessed and used independently.

Backup recommended:

It’s always prudent to create a backup of your company data before deleting, just in case you need to refer to it later.

Irreversible action:

Once you delete a company, it’s not recoverable. Exercise caution and ensure you’re deleting the correct company.

Data folder deletion (optional):

If you want to completely remove the company’s data files from your system, you can manually delete the company’s folder from the TallyPrime data directory.

Additional tips while Deleting a Company in TallyPrime:

Multiple company deletion:

To delete multiple companies at once, select them all in the Company Alteration screen before pressing Alt+D.

Deleting from data folder:

If you encounter any issues with the standard deletion process, you can also delete the company’s folder directly from the TallyPrime data directory.

However, this method is generally less recommended as it bypasses some internal checks and balances.


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