Update Party GSTIN/UIN in TallyPrime: 2 Simple Methods

TallyPrime offers two methods to update the GSTIN/UIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number/ Unique Identification Number) for your party ledgers (customers and suppliers):

Method 1: Updating Individual Ledger Information

This approach is suitable when you need to update the GSTIN/UIN for a specific party ledger.


1. Access Ledger Creation/Alteration:

  • Create Ledger: If the party ledger (customer/supplier account) doesn’t exist, navigate to the “Create Ledger” screen. You can access this through the Gateway of Tally or by using Alt + G (Go To) followed by “Create” > “Ledger”.
  • Alter Ledger: If the party ledger already exists, locate it within the Chart of Accounts. You can use the search functionality or browse the account hierarchy. Double-click on the ledger name to open it for alteration.

2. Update GSTIN/UIN:

  • Locate the “GST Details” section within the “Create Ledger” or “Ledger Alteration” screen.
  • In the designated field (usually labeled “GSTIN” or “UIN”), enter the new or updated GSTIN/UIN for the party.

Optional Steps:

  • Registration Type: You might have the option to select the party’s “Registration Type” (Registered Regular, Unregistered, etc.) based on their GST registration status.
  • State: Depending on your TallyPrime configuration, you might be able to specify the state associated with the party’s GSTIN/UIN.

3. Save and Accept:

Once you’ve entered the new GSTIN/UIN and any additional details, press Ctrl + A or click the “Accept” button to save the changes and update the party’s GST information in your TallyPrime data.

Method 2: Updating GSTIN/UIN for Multiple Ledgers (Group-wise)

This method is efficient if you need to update the GSTIN/UIN for a group of party ledgers that share similar GST registration statuses.


1. Access Update Party GSTIN/UIN Report:

Navigate to the “Update Party GSTIN/UIN” report. There are two ways to access this report:

  • Gateway of Tally: Go to the Gateway of Tally, select “Display More Reports” > “Statutory Reports” > “GST Reports” > “Update Party GSTIN/UIN”.
  • Go To Feature: Press Alt + G (Go To), choose “Display” > “Statutory Reports” > “GST Reports” > “Update Party GSTIN/UIN”.

2. Select Ledger Group:

In the “Select Group” screen, choose the group that contains the party ledgers (customers/suppliers) for which you want to update the GSTIN/UIN. This group could be named “Sundry Debtors” for customers or “Sundry Creditors” for suppliers.

3. Update GSTIN/UIN (Optional):

  • The report might display a list of ledgers within the selected group. You can directly update the GSTIN/UIN information within this list for individual ledgers.
  • Alternatively, you can leave the individual fields blank and proceed to update the GSTIN/UIN for the entire group.

4. Update for Group (if applicable):

  • If you’re updating the GSTIN/UIN for the entire group, locate the “Update GSTIN/UIN for Selected Group” option (or similar wording).
  • Enter the new or updated GSTIN/UIN that applies to all ledgers within the chosen group.

Optional Steps:

1. Show Other Territory:

You might have the option to set the “Show other territory” flag to “Yes” if the party belongs to the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

2. Registration Type:

Similar to individual ledger update, you might be able to define the “Registration Type” for the entire group.

5. Save and Accept:

Once you’ve entered the necessary GST information, press Ctrl + A or click “Accept” to save the changes and update the GSTIN/UIN for the chosen party ledgers or group.

Benefits of Updating GSTIN/UIN:

  • Maintaining accurate GST information in TallyPrime ensures proper tax calculations
  • Facilitates seamless e-way bill and e-invoice generation for GST-compliant transactions
  • Enhances data integrity for GST reporting purposes

Remember to choose the method that best suits your needs, depending on whether you’re updating GST information for individual ledgers or a group of ledgers with similar GST statuses.


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