How to Enable Job Work in TallyPrime: 2 Methods + Example

Here’s a detailed explanation on how to enable Job Work processing in TallyPrime, along with examples:

1. Prerequisites to Enable Job Work in TallyPrime:

Company Features: Ensure the “Maintain Jobs” feature is enabled in Company Features (Gateway of Tally > Accounts & Taxes > Company > Configure Features).

2. Enabling Job Work Processing:

  1. Gateway of Tally (Alt+F12): Launch TallyPrime and navigate to the Gateway menu.
  2. Features (Alt+F11): Select “Features.”

3. Two Options to Access Job Work Settings in Tally:

Method 1 (Common Method):

  • Within the “Features” screen, scroll down to the section titled “Inventory & Voucher Features.”
  • Locate the option labeled “Enable Job Order Processing.”
  • This is the most common method for enabling Job Work functionality.

Method 2 (Alternative Method – Less Common):

  • In some TallyPrime configurations, you might see an option called “Show More Features” or “Show All Features” within the “Features” screen.
  • Clicking this might reveal additional options, including “Enable Job Order Processing.”

4. Enabling and Saving:

  • Regardless of the method used, ensure the checkbox next to “Enable Job Order Processing” is checked.
  • Press Ctrl+S or click “Save” to activate Job Work processing in TallyPrime.

5. Example: Cloth Manufacturing Job Work in TallyPrime

You’re a clothing manufacturer and want to utilize Job Work functionality to manage production involving outsourced tasks like stitching or embroidery.

By enabling Job Work processing, you unlock features like:

  • Job Work Out Orders: Record materials sent to job workers for processing.
  • Job Work In Orders: Record finished goods and any scrap received from job workers.
  • Job Work Reports: Analyze costs, profitability, and track work progress associated with job work activities.

6. Additional Considerations:

  • Once enabled, you can create Job Work related voucher types like Job Work Out Order and Job Work In Order (explained further in separate responses).
  • You might need to configure additional masters like “Job Workers” and “Bill of Materials” (BOM) for effective Job Work management.

7. Benefits of Enabling Job Work in TallyPrime:

  • Improved tracking and control of materials sent for outsourcing.
  • Streamlined recording of finished goods received from job workers.
  • Efficient cost analysis associated with outsourced production processes.
  • Enhanced visibility into job work progress and overall production efficiency.

By enabling Job Work processing in TallyPrime, you gain valuable functionalities to manage your outsourced production activities effectively.

This translates to improved control over inventory, cost management, and potentially higher profitability in your business.

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