Disable Batches at the Stock Item level in TallyPrime: 2 Methods

Disabling batches at the stock item level in TallyPrime allows you to remove batch tracking for a specific item while potentially maintaining it for other stock items that still require batch-wise management.

Here’s a detailed explanation with examples:

1. Prerequisites to Disable Batches at the Stock Item level:

You should have already enabled “Maintain Batches” in Company Features if you haven’t disabled it at the company level (explained previously).

2. Disabling Batches for a Stock Item:

  1. Gateway of Tally (Alt+F12): Launch TallyPrime and navigate to the Gateway of Tally menu.
  2. Alter Master (Alt+G): Select “Alter Master.”
  3. Stock Item: Choose “Stock Item” from the submenu.
  4. Stock Item Selection: Enter the name or select the stock item for which you want to disable batches.

3. Disabling Option:

There are two ways to access the option for disabling batches:

Method 1: Stock Item Alteration Screen

  • After selecting the stock item, you’ll be on the “Stock Item Alteration” screen.
  • Look for the section titled “Additional Details” or similar.
  • There should be an option labeled “Maintain in Batches” or “Use Batch Tracking”.

Method 2: Stock Item Creation Screen (New Stock Items)

  • If you’re creating a new stock item, you might see the “Maintain in Batches” option directly on the creation screen.

4. Unchecking the Box:

  • Regardless of the method used, locate the “Maintain in Batches” option.
  • It might be a checkbox or a dropdown menu with options like “Yes” and “No.”
  • Ensure it’s unchecked or set to “No” to disable batch tracking for that specific stock item.

5. Saving the Changes:

Press Ctrl+S or click the “Save” button to save the changes to the stock item master.

6. Example: Disable Batches at the Stock Item level in TallyPrime

Let’s say you have stock items like “Shirt – Cotton” (batch tracking required) and “Pen” (doesn’t need batch tracking).

  • You can disable batches for “Pen” by following the steps above.
  • Navigate to the Stock Item Alteration screen for “Pen.”
  • Uncheck the “Maintain in Batches” option.
  • Now, when you create purchase or sales vouchers for “Pen,” you won’t be prompted to assign batches.

7. Important Considerations:

  • Disabling batches for a stock item only affects future transactions.
  • Existing transactions with batches for that item will still retain their batch information.
  • You cannot selectively delete batch information for existing transactions within a stock item.

8. Conclusion:

Disabling batches at the stock item level provides flexibility in your inventory management.

You can choose to track specific items by batch while keeping others without batch complexities.

Remember to address existing batch data for the stock item before disabling.

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