Setting Up Batches for Stock Items in TallyPrime: 7 Steps + Example

TallyPrime allows you to manage inventory with batches, which are useful for tracking specific lots or acquisitions of stock items.

This functionality is particularly beneficial for:

  • Perishable Goods: Track expiry dates and prioritize older stock for sales.
  • Serialized Items: Manage unique serial numbers associated with each unit within a batch.
  • Quality Control: Identify and isolate batches with potential quality issues.

Here’s a detailed explanation on setting up batches for stock items in TallyPrime with an example:

1. Prerequisites for Setting Up Batches for Stock Items in TallyPrime:

1. Enable Batches:

This feature might be disabled by default.

You can enable it in the Company Features (Gateway of Tally > Accounts & Taxes > Company > Configure Features).

Look for the option “Maintain Batches” and set it to “Yes.”

2. Steps for Setting Up Batches for Stock Items in TallyPrime:

1. Gateway of Tally (Alt+F12):

Launch TallyPrime and navigate to the Gateway menu.

2. Create Stock Item (Alt+C):

If you don’t have the stock item yet, choose “Create” > Stock Item.

Alternatively, if the item already exists, press Alt+F11 (Go To) > Masters > Stock Items and select the existing item.

3. Stock Item Master:

In the stock item creation or edit screen, enter details like name, description, and unit of measurement.

4. Configure Stock Item (F12):

Press F12 (Configure) to access additional options.

5. Maintain in Batches:

Locate the option “Maintain Stock Items in Batches” and set it to “Yes.”

This enables batch tracking for this specific stock item.

6. Additional Options (Optional):

1. Track Date of Manufacturing:

If applicable, enable this option to track the manufacturing date for each batch.

2. Use Expiry Dates:

If dealing with perishable goods, enable this option to track and manage expiry dates for each batch.

7. Save (Ctrl+S):

Save the stock item master details.

3. Example: Setting Up Batches for Medicine

You’re managing a stock of a medicine called “Paracetamol 500mg.”

You want to track expiry dates for different batches.

  1. Create a new stock item named “Paracetamol 500mg” or edit the existing one.
  2. In the stock item master, press F12 (Configure).
  3. Enable “Maintain Stock Items in Batches” and “Use Expiry Dates.”
  4. Save the stock item details.

4. Recording Batch Details for Stock Items:

Once you’ve enabled batches, you can specify them during:

1. Purchases:

In the purchase voucher, enter the batch name, manufacturing date (if tracked), and expiry date (if applicable) for the purchased medicine.

2. Sales:

While creating a sales invoice, select the specific batch you want to sell from the available stock.

5. Benefits of Using Batches in Tally:

1. Improved Inventory Management:

Provides greater control over stock by tracking specific acquisitions.

2. Enhanced Expiry Tracking:

Ensures timely sales of perishable goods by prioritizing older batches.

3. Quality Control:

Allows for isolating and managing batches with potential quality issues.

6. Additional Considerations:

  • You can view and manage batch details within the Stock Ledger Enquiry report (Gateway > Reports > Inventory Reports > Stock Ledger Enquiry).
  • Consider user permissions and define access controls for creating and managing batches to ensure proper inventory management practices.
  • Explore third-party add-ons for TallyPrime that might offer advanced functionalities for batch tracking and reporting.

By setting up batches for your stock items in TallyPrime, you gain a more granular level of control over your inventory, optimize stock management practices, and ensure compliance with expiry regulations (if applicable).

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