Hierarchy of Godowns/Locations for Area-wise Inventory Storage in TallyPrime

Here’s a detailed explanation on how to create a hierarchy of godowns/locations for area-wise inventory storage in TallyPrime, along with examples:

1. Advantages of Hierarchy of Godowns in TallyPrime:

  • Provides a structured approach for managing inventory across different geographical locations.
  • Enables easier tracking and reporting of stock levels in specific regions or areas.
  • Facilitates efficient stock transfers between locations within the hierarchy.

2. Steps to Create a Hierarchy of Godowns in TallyPrime:

  1. Enable Multi-Godown Feature (if not already done):
  2. Create Main Locations (Regions):
    • Go to Gateway (Alt+F12) > Create > Godown (or press Alt+G and select “Godown”).
    • Enter a name for each main location representing a region (e.g., “North Region,” “South Region”).
    • You can leave the “Under Godown” field blank for these main locations as they represent the top level in the hierarchy.

Example 1: Godown wise Hierarchy

You want to create a hierarchy for managing inventory across North and South regions.

  1. Create two godowns named “North Region” and “South Region.”
  2. Leave the “Under Godown” field blank for both.
  3. Create Sub-Locations (Warehouses/Stores):
    • Follow steps 2a and 2b above for creating godowns.
    • In the “Under Godown” field, select the appropriate main location (region) from the dropdown list. This establishes the parent-child relationship within the hierarchy.

Example 2: Region Wise Hierarachy

Within the “North Region,” you want to create sub-locations for “Delhi Warehouse” and “Jaipur Store.”

  1. Create two godowns named “Delhi Warehouse” and “Jaipur Store.”
  2. In the “Under Godown” field for “Delhi Warehouse,” select “North Region” from the dropdown list.
  3. Repeat step 2b for “Jaipur Store,” also selecting “North Region” as the parent godown.

3. Additional Considerations about Hierarchy of Godowns:

  • You can create further sub-levels within the hierarchy (e.g., sub-stores within warehouses) by following the same principle of selecting the appropriate parent godown in the “Under Godown” field.
  • TallyPrime allows you to create a hierarchical structure with multiple levels depending on your inventory management needs.

4. Benefits of Using Hierarchy in Godowns/Locations in TallyPrime:

  • When creating stock items, you can allocate opening balances or manage stock movement (purchases, sales, transfers) by specifying the relevant godown within the hierarchy. This provides location-specific inventory tracking.
  • Reports like Stock Summary (with Multi-Godown option) can be filtered by region or sub-location to analyze inventory levels in specific areas.
  • Streamlines stock transfers by specifying the source and destination godowns within the hierarchy during voucher creation (e.g., Stock Transfer Voucher).

By creating a well-defined hierarchy of godowns/locations in TallyPrime, you gain a more organized and efficient system for managing inventory across different geographical areas, improving control and visibility over your stock distribution network.


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