Printing Godown/Location Address on Invoices in TallyPrime: 7 Steps

Here’s a detailed explanation on how to configure TallyPrime to show the godown/location address in your invoices, along with an example:

1. Requirements for Displaying Godown Address in Invoices in TallyPrime:

1. Enabled Multi-Godown Feature:

Ensure you’ve activated the “Maintain multiple Godowns” option in Gateway of Tally (Alt+F12) > Features > Inventory Features.

2. Godown Addresses:

Make sure each godown you use for stock storage has a valid address entered. You can access and edit godown addresses in Gateway (Alt+F12) > Inventory Info > Locations/Godowns.

    2. Configuration Steps for Printing Godown/Location Address in Invoices in TallyPrime:

    1. Open the relevant voucher creation screen (e.g., Gateway (Alt+F12) > Vouchers > Sales for creating a sales invoice).
    2. Create or select the invoice for which you want to display the godown address.

    3. Enabling Godown Information:

    Here’s where you configure the invoice to show the godown address:

    • Press Ctrl+P (Print) to access the print configuration options.
    • Press C (Configure) to open the print settings.

    4. Finding the Godown Address Option:

    • Look for options related to displaying godown information (terminology might vary slightly depending on your TallyPrime version).
      • Common options include:
        • Show Godown Name
        • Show Godown Address

    5. Enabling Address Display:

    • Set the Show Godown Address option to Yes.
    • You might also need to set Show Godown Name to Yes if it’s not already enabled.

    6. Saving the Configuration:

    • Press Ctrl+A (Accept) to save the print configuration changes.

    7. Example:

    Imagine you have a sales invoice for items picked from the “Main Warehouse” godown.

    The “Main Warehouse” has an address defined as “123 Main Street, Anytown, 12345.”

    After enabling the “Show Godown Address” option, when you print the sales invoice, it will include the following information (depending on your invoice template):

    Customer Name: ABC Company
    Invoice Date: 2024-06-04
    ... (List of invoice items) ...
    **Godown:** Main Warehouse
    **Address:** 123 Main Street, Anytown, 12345

    8. Additional Considerations:

    • The specific location of the godown address display within the invoice might vary based on your chosen invoice template.
    • Consider customizing your invoice template to position the godown information and address in a visually appealing and informative manner.

    By following these steps and ensuring the necessary prerequisites are met, you can effectively configure TallyPrime to display the godown/location address in your invoices, providing valuable information for your customers and streamlining communication regarding stock origin.


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