How to Create GST Purchase Voucher in TallyPrime: 5 Easy Steps

Here’s a step-by-step guide on creating a GST purchase voucher in TallyPrime:

1. Access the Purchase Voucher:

2. Enter Basic Purchase Information:

  • Date: Enter the date mentioned on the purchase invoice.
  • Supplier Invoice No.: Provide the invoice number given by your supplier.
  • Party A/c Name: Select the ledger account of the supplier you purchased from.

3. Add Purchase Items:

  • Select the relevant purchase ledger accounts (e.g., Raw Materials, Goods, Expenses) under the Particulars column.
  • Enter the Quantities and Rates for each item.
  • TallyPrime will automatically calculate the Basic Amount (price before taxes).

4. Input GST Details:

  • If the purchase is taxable under GST, TallyPrime will prompt you to enter GST details.
  • Specify the applicable GST rates (CGST, SGST/UTGST, or IGST) for each item.
  • The software will calculate the tax amounts based on the rates and purchase value.

5. Complete the Voucher:

  • If you’ve already made a payment, select the Payment Ledger (e.g., Cash, Bank).
  • For credit purchases, choose a relevant Outstanding Liability Ledger (e.g., Creditors).
  • Press Enter to save the voucher.

Additional Considerations while Creating GST Purchase Entry in TallyPrime:

  • Item Invoice Mode: If entering items individually, choose Item Invoice as the mode in the Purchase voucher.
  • Stock Items: Ensure stock items are correctly set up in the Stock Items master.
  • Tax Ledgers: Verify that necessary tax ledgers (CGST, SGST/UTGST, IGST) exist in your TallyPrime company.
  • Advance Payments: For advance payments to the supplier, create a separate journal voucher before the purchase voucher.

Key Points while Creating GST Purchase Entry in TallyPrime:

  • Regularly consult with a qualified accountant or tax expert to ensure accurate GST compliance and reporting.
  • Keep TallyPrime updated to stay aligned with any changes in GST regulations.


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