Button Options in Batch Summary in TallyPrime: 2 Easy Options

The Batch Summary report in TallyPrime offers limited button functionalities compared to some other reports.

Here’s a breakdown of the available buttons and their uses:

1. F2: Period

  • This button allows you to change the reporting period for the Batch Summary.
  • By default, the report displays data for the current accounting year.
  • Pressing F2 opens a “Select Period” window where you can choose a specific date range to analyze batch movements.

Example: Analyzing Monthly Sales by Batch

You want to compare the sales performance of different batches of “Shirt – Cotton” (set up with batches) for the last month.

  1. Navigate to the Batch Summary report (Gateway of Tally > Reports > Inventory Books > Batch Voucher).
  2. Select “Shirt – Cotton” as the stock item.
  3. Press F2 (Period).
  4. In the “Select Period” window, choose the starting and ending dates for the previous month.
  5. The report will now display the opening balance, purchase quantity (if any), sales quantity, and closing balance for each batch within the chosen month, allowing you to compare sales trends across different batches.

2. F8 (Optional – Not Available in All Configurations)

  • In some TallyPrime configurations, you might see an F8 button option within the Batch Summary report.
  • If available, pressing F8 (Batch-wise) drills down further into the report, displaying a more detailed, voucher-level breakdown of transactions for the selected batch.

Example: Analyzing Sales Vouchers for a Batch

Let’s say you want to see the individual sales invoices contributing to the sales quantity for a specific batch of “Shirt – Cotton” in the previous example.

  1. Assuming F8 (Batch-wise) is available in your configuration, select the specific batch you’re interested in (e.g., Batch June 2024) from the “Batch Name” list.
  2. Press F8 (Batch-wise).
  3. The report will now display details like voucher type (likely “Sales Invoice”), voucher date, quantity sold, and potentially the customer name for each sales transaction that contributed to the total sales quantity for that specific batch.

3. Important Note for Button Options in Batch Summary in TallyPrime:

The availability of the F8 (Batch-wise) button might depend on your TallyPrime configuration and version.

If it’s not present, you can rely on the Stock Ledger Enquiry report (Gateway > Reports > Accounts Reports > Stock Ledger Enquiry) with the F8 (Batch-wise) option for a more detailed, transaction-level view of batch movements.

4. Additional Considerations:

  • The Batch Summary report primarily focuses on providing a high-level overview of stock movement for each batch within a chosen period.
  • For in-depth analysis of individual transactions associated with specific batches, consider using the Stock Ledger Enquiry report with the F8 (Batch-wise) option or explore third-party add-ons for TallyPrime that might offer more advanced batch reporting functionalities.

By understanding the limited button options within the Batch Summary report and exploring alternative reports like the Stock Ledger Enquiry, you can effectively leverage TallyPrime’s features to gain deeper insights into your inventory management at a batch level.

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