Configure Batch Summary Report in TallyPrime: 4 Ways + Example

In TallyPrime, the Batch Summary report itself isn’t directly configurable in terms of adding or removing fields.

However, you can control the information displayed through a combination of settings and report selection:

1. Enabling Batch Tracking:

This is the primary prerequisite. Ensure “Maintain Batches” is enabled in Company Features (Gateway of Tally > Accounts & Taxes > Company > Configure Features).

2. Stock Item Configuration:

The stock item you want to analyze with batches needs to have “Maintain in Batches” enabled in its Stock Item Master (explained previously in the response on Setting Up Batches for Stock Items).

3. Selecting the Right Report:

There are two reports relevant to batch-wise analysis:

Batch Summary Report (Gateway of Tally > Reports > Inventory Books > Batch Voucher):

This report provides a high-level overview of stock movement for each batch within a chosen stock item.

Stock Ledger Enquiry Report (Gateway of Tally> Reports > Accounts Reports > Stock Ledger Enquiry – F8: Batch-wise):

This report offers a more detailed, transaction-level view of stock movements (purchases, sales, consumption) categorized by batches for a specific stock item.

4. Filtering and Period Selection:

While not directly configurable, the Batch Summary report allows some level of control over the information displayed:

1. Optional Batch Selection:

You can choose a specific batch from the “Batch Name” list to view details for that particular batch.

Leaving it blank displays a summary for all batches.

2. Report Period (Optional – F2):

By default, the report displays data for the current accounting year.

You can change this using F2 (Period) to view batch details for a specific date range.

5. Example: Focusing on Specific Batches

Let’s say you want to analyze the recent sales performance of a specific batch of “Paracetamol 500mg” (set up with batches).

  1. Navigate to the Batch Summary report (Gateway > Reports > Inventory Books > Batch Voucher).
  2. Select “Paracetamol 500mg” as the stock item.
  3. In the “Batch Name” list, choose the specific batch you’re interested in (e.g., Batch May 2024).

The report will now display details like opening balance, purchase quantity (if any during the period), sales quantity (which will likely be the focus here), and the closing balance for that specific batch.

6. Additional Considerations:

  • While the Batch Summary report offers a good overview, the Stock Ledger Enquiry report with the F8 (Batch-wise) option provides a more granular view of transactions for each batch, allowing you to analyze individual purchase or sales entries associated with that batch.
  • Consider exporting the reports to formats like CSV or Excel for further analysis or creating custom charts to visualize trends in batch-wise stock movement.

Remember: TallyPrime doesn’t offer extensive customization options for individual reports like the Batch Summary.

However, by understanding the available reports, selection options, and filtering capabilities, you can effectively extract the information you need to analyze your inventory at a batch-by-batch level.

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