Bills Received But Goods Not Received in TallyPrime: 2 Examples

This situation occurs when you receive a bill (invoice) from a supplier for goods you haven’t yet received.

While TallyPrime doesn’t have a specific voucher type for this scenario, you can manage it effectively using the following methods:

1. Manual Journal Entry (Recommended):

This method provides a clear record of the outstanding purchase liability while you await the goods. Here’s how:

  • Go to Gateway (Alt+F12) -> Vouchers -> Create -> Journal.
  • Enter the date of the bill.
  • Debit the “Purchases” account (represents the cost of goods to be purchased).
  • Credit the “Bills Payable” account (represents the amount owed to the supplier).
  • Enter a descriptive narration, such as “Bill received for [Goods Name] from [Supplier Name], awaiting delivery.”
  • Save the Journal entry.

1. Benefits:

  • Creates a record of the purchase obligation.
  • Tracks your accounts payable accurately.

2. Example:

You receive a bill from XYZ Clothing for Rs. 20,000 for 50 T-shirts, but the T-shirts haven’t arrived yet.

  1. Create a Journal entry in TallyPrime with the date of the bill.
  2. Debit the “Purchases” account.
  3. Credit the “Bills Payable” account.
  4. Enter the narration: “Bill received for 50 T-shirts from XYZ Clothing, awaiting delivery.”
  5. Save the entry.

2. Credit Purchase Bill (Less Preferred):

This method is less preferred as it doesn’t directly reflect the outstanding purchase liability.

However, it can be used if you prefer to manage everything through purchase bills.

  • Go to Gateway (Alt+F12) -> Vouchers -> Create -> Purchase Bill.
  • Enter the supplier details and date of the bill.
  • Select the stock items mentioned in the bill.
  • Enter the quantity, rate, and total amount as per the bill.
  • Crucially, leave the “Party’s A/c Dr.” field blank. This indicates you haven’t received the goods yet.
  • Save the Purchase Bill.

Note: This method creates a purchase bill but doesn’t update your inventory or accounts payable until you receive the goods and create a separate purchase bill with a linked receipt note.

3. Accounts Payable Report:

  • Utilize the “Accounts Payable Report” (Gateway > Accounts > Reports > Ledger > Accounts Payable) to monitor outstanding bills for goods not yet received.

4. When You Receive the Goods:

  • Once you receive the goods, create a Receipt Note in TallyPrime to update your inventory.
  • Subsequently, create a Purchase Bill with the “Party’s A/c Dr.” field linked to the supplier’s account to record the purchase and update your accounts payable.

By employing these methods, you effectively manage situations where bills are received before the actual goods, ensuring accurate inventory tracking and accounts payable management.


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