Goods Received But Bills Not Received in TallyPrime: 2 Examples

This situation arises when you receive inventory from a supplier but haven’t yet received the bill (invoice) for the purchase.

TallyPrime offers functionalities to record this scenario and manage your inventory effectively.

Here’s a detailed explanation with examples:

1. Recording Goods Received But Bills Not Received:

1. Create a Receipt Note:

  • Go to Gateway (Alt+F12) -> Vouchers -> Create -> Receipt Note.
  • Enter the supplier details (name, address).
  • Select the stock items received.
  • Specify the quantity and rate for each received item.
  • Save the Receipt Note.

2. Importance of Receipt Note:

  • This document serves as an internal record of the goods received, updating your inventory quantities.

2. What About the Bill?

  • Since you haven’t received the bill yet, leave the “Party’s A/c Dr.” field blank in the Receipt Note.
  • This indicates the account payable (money owed to the supplier) is yet to be determined.

3. Example:

You receive 10 laptops from ABC Computers at a rate of Rs. 50,000 each, but the bill hasn’t arrived.

  1. Create a Receipt Note in TallyPrime, entering ABC Computers’ details.
  2. Add the “Laptops” stock item with a quantity of 10 and a rate of Rs. 50,000 per laptop.
  3. Save the Receipt Note. This updates your inventory to reflect the 10 additional laptops.

4. When You Receive the Bill:

1. Create a Purchase Bill:

  • Go to Gateway (Alt+F12) -> Vouchers -> Create -> Purchase Bill.
  • Enter the supplier details and date.
  • Select the same stock items as in the Receipt Note.
  • Enter the quantity, rate, and total amount as per the received bill.
  • In the “Party’s A/c Dr.” field, select the supplier’s account.
  • Save the Purchase Bill.

5. Impact of Purchase Bill:

  • This document records the purchase transaction, creating a payable amount to the supplier.
  • It links the Receipt Note (goods received) with the Purchase Bill (bill payment).

6. Example:

You receive the bill from ABC Computers for the 10 laptops, totaling Rs. 500,000.

  1. Create a Purchase Bill in TallyPrime, entering ABC Computers’ details and the bill date.
  2. Add the “Laptops” stock item with a quantity of 10 and the same rate (Rs. 50,000) as in the Receipt Note.
  3. Enter the total amount (Rs. 500,000) as per the bill.
  4. Select the supplier’s account in the “Party’s A/c Dr.” field.
  5. Save the Purchase Bill. This creates a payable amount of Rs. 500,000 to ABC Computers.

7. Reports for Tracking:

1. Pending Purchase Bills Report:

This report (Gateway > Display More Reports > Analysis & Verification > Data Analysis > Pending Documents > Goods Received But Bills Not Made) shows a list of outstanding bills for goods received.

8. Benefits of Proper Recording:

  • Ensures accurate inventory tracking despite missing bills initially.
  • Provides a clear audit trail by linking the Receipt Note with the Purchase Bill.
  • Helps manage your accounts payable effectively.

By understanding how to handle “Goods Received But Bills Not Received” scenarios in TallyPrime, you maintain accurate inventory records and efficient control over your accounts payable.


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