Stock Group Summary in TallyPrime: 4 Steps + Example

The Stock Group Summary report in TallyPrime offers a consolidated overview of your inventory, categorized by pre-defined stock groups.

It provides a higher-level perspective compared to the Stock Summary report, helping you analyze inventory performance across product categories.

Here’s a detailed explanation with examples on how to view it:

1. Understanding Stock Group Summary:

1. Grouping Mechanism:

Relies on stock groups you’ve created in TallyPrime.

These groups can be based on product type (e.g., clothing, electronics), brand, size, or any other relevant criteria.

2. Information Provided:

1. Total Opening Stock Value:

Represents the combined cost of all stock items within each group at the beginning of the selected period.

2. Purchases (Value):

Shows the total value of purchases made for all items within each group during the period.

3. Sales (Value):

Reflects the total revenue generated from all items sold within each group during the period.

4. Closing Stock Value:

Calculates and presents the combined cost of all remaining stock items within each group at the end of the period.

2. Benefits of Stock Group Summary:

1. Consolidated View:

Helps analyze inventory performance for various product categories quickly.

2. Trend Identification:

Assists in identifying trends and potential areas for improvement within specific stock groups.

3. Streamlined Analysis:

Groups similar items for efficient analysis, allowing you to focus on broader inventory management strategies.

3. Example: Analyzing Stock Group Summary

Imagine you have stock groups named “Clothing” and “Electronics” with multiple stock items within each group:

Stock GroupOpening Stock (Value)Purchases (Value)Sales (Value)Closing Stock (Value)
ClothingRs. 20,000Rs. 30,000Rs. 35,000Rs. 15,000
ElectronicsRs. 80,000Rs. 1,20,000Rs. 1,00,000Rs. 1,00,000

4. Interpreting the Example:

  • The report categorizes inventory by “Clothing” and “Electronics” groups.
  • “Clothing” has a lower closing stock value despite higher purchases, indicating higher sales compared to “Electronics.”

5. How to View Stock Group Summary in TallyPrime:

  1. Open the Gateway (Alt+F12).
  2. Navigate to Reports and then Inventory Reports.
  3. Select Stock Group Summary.
  4. Customize the Report (Optional):
    • You can set filters for specific date ranges or stock groups using the options provided.

6. Additional Considerations:

  • Similar to the Stock Summary, the Stock Group Summary allows for comparative analysis across different stock groups over time.
  • Regularly reviewing this report helps with informed decision-making related to inventory allocation, product selection, and overall inventory management strategies.

By effectively utilizing the Stock Group Summary report, you gain valuable insights into your inventory performance across categories, enabling you to optimize stock levels and make data-driven decisions for your business.


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