View Contra Vouchers in Day Book in TallyPrime: 2 Easy Ways

TallyPrime’s Day Book offers a comprehensive view of your daily financial transactions, including contra vouchers.

Here’s a detailed explanation on how to identify and view contra vouchers within the Day Book:

1. Identifying Contra Vouchers in the Day Book in TallyPrime:

There are two primary ways to identify contra vouchers in the Day Book:

1. Voucher Type:

The “Type” column in the Day Book report typically specifies the voucher type for each entry.

Look for entries with “Contra” (F4) listed in this column.

2. Particulars:

Since contra vouchers involve internal transfers, the “Particulars” column might offer clues.

You might see descriptions like “Transfer from Savings to Current Account” or “Internal Transfer – Petty Cash to Cash.”

2. Viewing Specific Contra Vouchers:

Once you’ve identified potential contra vouchers in the Day Book:

1. Click on the Entry:

Clicking on the specific row in the Day Book for the contra voucher will display a detailed view of the entry.

2. Verify Details:

This detailed view will confirm if it’s indeed a contra voucher.

You’ll see both the debit and credit accounts involved in the transfer, along with the amount and date.

3. Advanced Viewing Options:

1. Filtering by Voucher Type:

The Day Book allows you to filter entries based on voucher type.

You can use the “Type of Voucher entries” option in the report configuration to display only contra vouchers.

This is helpful if you need to focus solely on internal transfers for a particular period.

4. Benefits of Viewing Contra Vouchers in the Day Book:

1. Comprehensive View:

Including contra vouchers in the Day Book provides a complete picture of your daily financial activity, encompassing both internal transfers and external transactions.

2. Improved Analysis:

You can analyze all your transactions, including internal transfers, alongside regular business transactions for a holistic understanding of your cash flow.

3. Quick Identification:

The Day Book allows for easy identification of contra vouchers using the “Type” or “Particulars” columns, saving you time when searching for specific transfers.

5. In Conclusion

The Day Book in TallyPrime acts as a valuable tool for viewing and understanding your contra vouchers.

By utilizing the identification methods and filtering options, you can effectively track internal transfers within your daily financial activity report, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your business’s financial health.


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