View Stock Query report in TallyPrime: 2 Methods + 1 Example

Here’s how to view the Stock Query report in TallyPrime and understand the information it provides:

1. Accessing the Stock Query Report:

There are two main ways to access the Stock Query report:

Method 1: From a Voucher

  1. Navigate to a voucher where a stock item is involved, such as a Purchase Bill or Sales Invoice.
  2. Select the stock item in the voucher.
  3. Press Alt+S (Stock Query).

Method 2: Directly from the Gateway of Tally

  1. Go to the Gateway of Tally (Alt+F12).
  2. Navigate to Display > More Reports > Statements of Inventory > Stock Query.

Alternatively, you can use a keyboard shortcut:

  • Press Alt+G (Go To) and type or select “Stock Query.”

2. Understanding the Stock Query Report in TallyPrime:

The Stock Query report provides a detailed breakdown of recent transactions affecting a specific stock item.

It typically includes:

  • Item Name: Name of the stock item for which the query is generated.
  • Date: Date of the transaction.
  • Voucher Type: Type of transaction (e.g., Purchase Bill, Sales Invoice, Stock Journal).
  • Voucher No.: Reference number of the transaction.
  • Party: Name of the party involved in the transaction (supplier for purchases, customer for sales).
  • Actual Qty: Quantity of the stock item received (positive) or issued (negative) in the transaction.
  • Billed Qty (Optional): This might be displayed for purchase transactions and represents the quantity billed by the supplier, which could differ from the actual quantity received.
  • Rate: Cost price per unit for purchases or selling price per unit for sales (depending on the transaction type).
  • Amount: Total cost or revenue associated with the transaction (quantity multiplied by rate).
  • Balance (Optional): The remaining quantity of the stock item after the transaction (might not be displayed by default).

3. Example of Stock Query Report:

You want to view the recent transactions for your “T-Shirt (M)” stock item. The report might show:

Item NameDateVoucher TypeVoucher No.PartyActual QtyBilled Qty (Optional)RateAmount
T-Shirt (M)May 10thPurchase BillPUR-003ABC Suppliers2050010,000
T-Shirt (M)May 15thSales InvoiceS-004XYZ Customer-15600-9,000

4. Benefits of Stock Query Report in TallyPrime:

  • Provides a quick overview of recent transactions for a specific stock item.
  • Helps analyze purchase and sales trends for a particular item.
  • Enables you to track the cost price and selling price of the item over time.
  • Assists in verifying the accuracy of individual transactions.

5. Additional Considerations for Stock Query Report:

  • You can utilize filters in the report to narrow down the results by date range, voucher type, or party.
  • By default, the report typically displays the last few transactions. You can configure the report settings to show a larger timeframe (press F12 – Configure).
  • The report offers a focused view on a single stock item. Utilize other reports like “Stock Item Movement Analysis” for a broader analysis of inventory movement.

By effectively utilizing the Stock Query report in TallyPrime, you gain valuable insights into the recent activity surrounding a specific stock item, empowering you to optimize your inventory management and purchasing strategies.


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