How to Print Invoices and Reports in TallyPrime: 5 Easy Steps

TallyPrime offers a user-friendly interface for printing invoices and reports.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the process:

1. Printing Invoices in TallyPrime:

1. Open the Invoice:

Navigate to the specific sales voucher (invoice) you want to print. You can access this through various routes, such as the Sales Register or directly searching for the voucher.

2. Print Menu:

Access the print options in two ways:

  • Keyboard Shortcut: Press Ctrl+P on your keyboard.
  • Right-Click Menu: Right-click anywhere on the invoice screen and select “Print”.

3. Print Preview (Optional):

  • Click “Preview” (F9) to view a digital preview of the invoice before printing.
  • Use the preview window to zoom in/out, adjust page breaks, and verify the layout.

4. Configure Printing Settings (Optional):

  • Click “Configure” (C) to access various printing settings.
  • Common options include:
    • Number of Copies: Specify how many copies of the invoice you want to print.
    • Printer Selection: Choose the desired printer from the available options.
    • Company Details: Configure how company information appears on the invoice (logo, address etc.).
    • Show Previous & Current Balances: Display the customer’s previous and current account balance on the printed invoice.

5. Print Confirmation:

Once satisfied with the preview and settings, click “Print” (P) to initiate printing.

2. Printing Reports in TallyPrime:

1. Locate the Report:

Navigate to the desired report you want to print. This can involve accessing various report menus depending on the report type (e.g., Statutory Reports, Inventory Reports, etc.).

2. Print Options:

Similar to invoices, access the print options through:

  • Keyboard Shortcut: Press Alt+P on your keyboard.
  • Right-Click Menu: Right-click anywhere on the report screen and select “Print”.

3. Print Preview (Optional):

Use the “Preview” (F9) option to view the report layout before printing. You can adjust zoom and page breaks if required.

4. Configure Printing Settings (Optional):

Click “Configure” (C) to access specific report-related settings. These might include:

  • Date Range Adjustment: For reports involving specific periods, you can define the date range to be printed.
  • Filtering Options: Some reports allow you to filter data further before printing (e.g., by account group, stock group etc.).
  • Presentation Options: You might be able to modify report presentation aspects like font size or column width.

5. Print Confirmation:

After reviewing the preview and configuring settings, click “Print” (P) to print the report.

Additional Tips:

  • Utilize frequently used print options conveniently through assigned function keys:
    • F5: Set the number of copies to be printed.
    • F6: Change or configure the printer settings.
    • F7: Modify the title and subtitle displayed on the printed document.
    • Alt+F7: Configure company details to be printed on the report.
  • Save Report as PDF: Explore the option to export specific reports as PDF files for digital sharing or archiving. This option might be available within the “Export” menu (Alt+E).
  • Refer to Documentation: For detailed instructions and understanding specific functionalities related to different reports or invoice formats, consult the official TallyPrime documentation or support resources.

By following these steps and considering the additional tips, you can efficiently print invoices and reports in TallyPrime, ensuring clear and well-documented records for your business.


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