Memorandum Vouchers in Day Book in TallyPrime: 5 Easy Ways

Viewing memorandum vouchers in the Day Book report of TallyPrime depends on your specific software configuration.

Some versions allow including them, while others might not. Here’s how to check and potentially access them:

1. Checking Configuration:

1. Gateway of Tally:

Open the Gateway (usually by pressing Alt+F12).

2. Accounts Info:

Navigate to “Accounts Info” > “Configuration” (or a similar option depending on your version).

3. Voucher Types (Optional):

Look for a section related to “Voucher Types” or “Day Book Configuration.”

Here you might find an option to include memorandum vouchers in the Day Book report.

    2. Alternative Approach:

    If the configuration option isn’t readily available, you can always access memorandum vouchers through the dedicated Memorandum Register:

    1. Gateway of Tally:

    Open the Gateway (usually by pressing Alt+F12).

    2. Display:

    Navigate to “Display” > “Account Books” > “Memorandum Register.”

    3. Go To Function (Alternative):

    Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To), type “Memorandum Register,” and press Enter.

      3. Identifying Memorandum Vouchers in Day Book (If Applicable):

      If your configuration allows viewing memorandum vouchers in the Day Book report, you can usually identify them by:

      1. Type Column:

      The “Type” column might show “Memo” (or a similar indicator) for memorandum vouchers, differentiating them from “Sales,” “Purchase,” or “Receipt/Payment” for regular transactions.

      2. Particulars Column:

      The “Particulars” column often describes the purpose of the memorandum voucher, providing clues like “Stock Transfer” or “Internal Adjustment.”

      4. Things to Remember:

      1. Version Specific:

      The specific steps and options for configuration might vary depending on your TallyPrime version. Consult your software documentation for detailed instructions relevant to your version.

      2. Alternative Access:

      Even if not included in the Day Book, the Memorandum Register remains the primary and reliable method for accessing and managing all your memorandum vouchers.

      5. In Conclusion:

      Memorandum vouchers offer a valuable tool for recording non-accounting transactions.

      While their primary viewing location is the Memorandum Register, some TallyPrime configurations might allow including them in the Day Book report.

      Always check your software version and settings to determine the best way to access your memorandum vouchers in TallyPrime.


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