Memorandum Vouchers in TallyPrime: Understand in 6 Easy Steps

Memorandum vouchers, sometimes abbreviated as memo vouchers, are a type of voucher used in TallyPrime for recording non-accounting transactions.

Unlike regular vouchers like purchases, sales, receipts, or payments, memo vouchers don’t directly affect your general ledger accounts.

Instead, they serve as a record of internal transactions or adjustments that don’t involve cash or external parties.

1. Detailed explanation of memorandum vouchers in TallyPrime:

1. Purpose:

  • Record internal adjustments like stock transfers between warehouses or depreciation calculations.
  • Track non-monetary transactions like issuing goods for employee use.
  • Create temporary records for calculations or estimations before finalizing them as regular vouchers.

2. Impact on Accounts:

  • Memorandum vouchers don’t directly update your general ledger accounts or affect your balances.
  • They are stored in a separate Memorandum Register for reference.

2. Creating Memorandum Vouchers:

1. Go To Vouchers:

Navigate to the “Vouchers” menu (usually by pressing Alt+F12).

2. Select Voucher Type:

You can create a memo voucher in two ways:

  • Press F10 (Other vouchers) and select “Memorandum” (if the option is enabled).
  • Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To), type “Memorandum Register,” and press Enter.

    3. Entering Details:

    Fill in the following information:

    • Date: The date of the internal transaction or adjustment.
    • Particulars: A clear description of the purpose of the memo voucher (e.g., “Transfer of goods to Warehouse B”).
    • Optional Details: You can add a narration for further explanation or attach supporting documents.

    3. Benefits of Using Memorandum Vouchers:

    1. Record Keeping:

    They provide a record of internal transactions that wouldn’t be reflected in regular vouchers.

    2. Improved Tracking:

    You can track non-monetary transactions or temporary calculations for better internal control.

    3. Audit Trail:

    Memo vouchers serve as an audit trail for non-accounting activities within your business.

    4. Important Considerations:

    1. Limited Financial Impact:

    Since they don’t affect your general ledger, memo vouchers don’t directly impact your financial statements.

    2. Data Integrity:

    Ensure accuracy in your memo vouchers to maintain a reliable record of internal activity.

    3. Double-Entry Mode Recommended:

    While TallyPrime allows single-entry mode, using double-entry mode for regular accounting transactions is generally recommended for a complete financial picture.

    5. Accessing Memorandum Vouchers:

    1. Memorandum Register:

    You can view all your memorandum vouchers in the “Memorandum Register” (accessible from the “Gateway of Tally” or “Go To” function).

    2. Day Book (Optional):

    Depending on your TallyPrime configuration, you might be able to see memo vouchers listed in the Day Book report alongside regular transactions.

    6. In Conclusion:

    Memorandum vouchers in TallyPrime are a valuable tool for recording internal transactions and maintaining a comprehensive record of your business activities.

    However, it’s crucial to understand their limitations and use them in conjunction with regular accounting practices for an accurate financial picture.


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