Material In (Finished Goods) Voucher Type in TallyPrime: 2 Ways

The Material In (FG) voucher type in TallyPrime serves a specific purpose within the Job Work processing framework.

It’s designed to record the receipt of finished goods from a job worker after they’ve processed your raw materials.

1. Key Functionality of Material In (FG) Voucher Type in TallyPrime:

1. Job Work Scenario:

When you send raw materials to an external job worker for processing into finished goods, you’ll use a separate voucher type (typically “Material Out (RM)”) to record that initial transfer.

2. Finished Goods Receipt:

Upon receiving the completed finished goods back from the job worker, the Material In (FG) voucher comes into play.

2. Creating a Material In (Finished Goods) Voucher in TallyPrime:

1. Standard Method (Enabled Job Work Processing):

  1. Gateway (Alt+F12): Launch TallyPrime and navigate to the Gateway menu.
  2. Create Voucher (Alt+F7): Select “Create Voucher.”
  3. Material In (Optional): You might see “Material In” directly listed.
  4. Other Vouchers (F10): If “Material In” isn’t readily available, press F10 and choose “Material In” from the voucher type list.

2. Alternative Method (Job Work Module – Less Common):

If your TallyPrime configuration includes a dedicated Job Work module, you might find the Material In (FG) voucher type directly accessible within that module.

3. Entering Details of Material In Voucher for Finished Goods in Tally:

The Material In (FG) voucher screen will have various sections to fill in:

  • Party: Select the job worker’s ledger account from whom you’re receiving the finished goods.
  • Stock Items: Choose the specific finished goods items you’re receiving. These should correspond to the raw materials you sent for processing.
  • Stock Item Allocation (Optional): If using batches, specify the batch(es) for the received finished goods for each stock item.
  • Quantity: Enter the quantity of each finished good item being received.
  • Rate (Optional): This could be for informational purposes, reflecting the processing charges applied by the job worker (consult your job work agreement).
  • Taxes (Optional): Configure any applicable taxes or duties associated with receiving the finished goods.

4. Saving the Voucher:

Once you’ve entered all the necessary details, press Ctrl+S (Save) to create the Material In (FG) voucher.

5. Example: Fabric Processing to Shirts in TallyPrime using Material in Voucher

You sent 100 units of “Fabric” (raw material) to “XYZ Stitching” (job worker) for processing into shirts. You receive 80 completed “Shirts” (finished goods) back.

  1. Navigate to Gateway of Tally > Create Voucher > Material In (or Other Vouchers > Material In). (OR Use the Job Work module if available).
  2. Select “XYZ Stitching” from the “Party” list.
  3. Choose “Shirts” as the stock item.
  4. Enter “80” in the quantity field.
  5. (Optional) If using batches, allocate the quantity to specific batches for “Shirts.”
  6. The rate field might be used to reflect any processing charges from the job worker (as per your agreement).
  7. Configure any applicable taxes or duties for receiving the finished goods.
  8. Press Ctrl+S to save the Material In (FG) voucher, recording the receipt of finished goods from the job worker.

6. Additional Considerations:

  • The Material In (FG) voucher helps reconcile the raw materials sent out with the finished goods received, ensuring proper stock management for job work processes.
  • You might need to create separate vouchers for processing charges or scrap materials received from the job worker, depending on your job work agreement.

By effectively utilizing the Material In (FG) voucher in conjunction with Job Work processing features, you gain better control over outsourced production, maintain accurate inventory records, and streamline cost analysis for your job work activities.

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