View Edit Log for Stock Items in TallyPrime: 2 Methods + Example

In TallyPrime, the Edit Log functionality allows you to track and review any changes made to stock item information.

This is particularly valuable for maintaining transparency and ensuring data integrity in your inventory management.

Here’s a detailed explanation on how to view the Edit Log for stock items in TallyPrime, including an example:

1. Accessing the Edit Log in TallyPrime:

1. Open the Stock Item:

  • Navigate to the Gateway (usually Alt+F12).
  • Go to “Inventory Info” and select “Stock Items.”
  • Choose the specific stock item for which you want to view the Edit Log.

2. View the Edit Log:

There are two primary ways to access the Edit Log:

1. Method 1 (Shortcut):

Press Alt+Q (This is a keyboard shortcut for “Edit Log”).

2. Method 2 (Menu):

Press Ctrl+O (Related Reports) -> Edit Log.

    2. Understanding the Edit Log Report in TallyPrime:

    The Edit Log report displays a chronological list of all modifications made to the selected stock item. It typically includes details like:

    1. Version:

    A unique identifier for each edit made to the stock item.

    2. Activity:

    The specific action performed (e.g., “Created,” “Altered,” “Deleted”).

    3. Username:

    The user who made the change (if applicable in your TallyPrime configuration).

    4. Date & Time:

    The timestamp of when the edit occurred.

    3. Viewing Details of a Specific Edit:

    1. Locate the Version:

    In the Edit Log report, find the version corresponding to the edit you want to analyze.

    2. View Details:

    Press Enter on the chosen version.

      This will display a screen highlighting the specific changes made in that edit. You’ll see:

      • The old value of the stock item field before the edit.
      • The new value assigned during the edit (highlighted in red text for easy identification).

      4. Example: Viewing Edit Log for a T-Shirt

      • You have a stock item named “T-Shirt” and want to see its edit history.
      • Following the steps above, you access the Edit Log for “T-Shirt.”
      • You notice Version 2 shows an “Altered” activity on a specific date by “Admin.”
      • Selecting Version 2 reveals that the “Unit of Measurement” field was changed from “Pieces” (old value) to “Dozens” (new value).

      5. Benefits of Using the Edit Log:

      1. Auditing Changes:

      Enables you to review who made changes to stock item details and when, ensuring accountability.

      2. Identifying Errors:

      Helps you pinpoint any unintended modifications made to stock item information.

      3. Improved Data Integrity:

      Allows you to verify the current state of your stock item data and revert to previous versions if necessary.

      By effectively utilizing the Edit Log for stock items in TallyPrime, you can maintain a clear audit trail, identify potential data inconsistencies, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of your inventory information.


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