Update GST for Income & Expenses Ledgers in TallyPrime: 2 Easy Ways

Updating GST for income and expense ledgers in TallyPrime involves customizing their taxability settings and ensuring they properly reflect your business’s GST obligations.

Here’s a guide for both individual and bulk updates:

1. Updating Individual Income and Expense Ledgers:

  • Access the Ledger Master: Go to Gateway of Tally > Create/Alter > Master > Ledger.
  • Select the Ledger: Use the search bar or scroll to find the specific income or expense ledger you want to update.
  • Open Ledger Details: Press Enter to open the ledger information.
  • Configure GST Settings: Click Ctrl+I or select More Details. Under Additional Details, access Set/alter GST Details.
  • Choose Taxability: Determine whether the ledger is Taxable, Exempt, or Nil Rated for GST purposes.
  • Specify Type of Supply (Income): For income ledgers, choose if it relates to Goods or Services.
  • Additional Options:
  • Save Changes: Press Ctrl+A to save the updated GST settings.

2. Bulk Updating Income and Expense Ledgers:

  • Open GST Update Tool: Go to Gateway of Tally > Display More Reports > Statutory Reports > GST Reports > Update Party GSTIN.
  • Select Update Basis: Choose the update criterion:
    • All Items: Updates all income and expense ledgers.
    • Name of Group: Updates based on a specific group selection (e.g., Sales, Purchases).
    • Name of Ledger: Updates individual ledgers by name.
  • Review and Select Ledgers: Check the list of displayed income and expense ledgers.
  • Update Taxability: Use the spacebar to select ledgers and mark the appropriate Taxable, Exempt, or Nil Rated options.
  • Confirm Update: Click Update GSTIN and confirm the update when prompted.

Additional Tips while Updating GST for Income & Expenses Ledgers in TallyPrime:

  • Maintain consistent and accurate GST settings across all your income and expense ledgers.
  • Regularly review and update GST information as your business activities evolve.
  • Consult a qualified accountant or tax advisor for guidance on optimal GST configurations and compliance requirements.
  • Leverage TallyPrime’s reporting functionalities to analyze your GST data and ensure accuracy.

By applying these steps and considering the tips, you can effectively update GST settings for your income and expense ledgers in TallyPrime, ensuring proper tax calculations, seamless compliance, and reliable financial reporting. Remember, staying updated with current GST regulations and consulting a tax professional whenever needed is crucial for accurate and efficient GST management in your business.


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