Use Ledgers from Another Company in TallyPrime: 2 Scenarios

TallyPrime doesn’t directly allow you to use ledgers from another company within your current company file.

However, there are alternative approaches to achieve similar results depending on your specific needs:

Scenario 1: Need for Consolidated Reporting

If your goal is to consolidate financial data from multiple companies for reporting purposes, TallyPrime offers built-in functionalities for group reporting.

Here’s how to achieve this:

1. Define Groups:

Create groups within your TallyPrime data to represent your company structure. You can define a parent group and subgroups for subsidiary companies.

2. Consolidation:

During report generation, you can specify the group for consolidation. TallyPrime will automatically pull data from member companies within the selected group and generate consolidated reports.

Scenario 2: Sharing Specific Ledger Information

If you only need to share specific information from ledgers in another company, consider these approaches:

1. Data Export/Import (Limited Use):

While TallyPrime doesn’t directly import ledgers, you can potentially export ledger data (balances, transactions) from the other company in a format like CSV and then import it manually into your current company. However, this method is time-consuming, prone to errors, and doesn’t create actual linked ledgers.

2. Manual Recreation:

For a few critical ledgers, you can manually recreate them in your current company with the necessary details. This approach offers better control but requires entering data accurately.

3. Third-Party Integration (Advanced):

Explore third-party add-ons or custom integrations that might facilitate data exchange between TallyPrime instances. This option requires technical expertise and might have additional costs associated with the integration tools.

Important Considerations when You Use Ledgers from Another Company:

1. Data Integrity:

Manually entering data or using data exports/imports carries a risk of errors. Ensure data accuracy during these processes.

2. Real-Time Updates:

The methods mentioned above won’t provide real-time updates between ledgers in different companies.


For most scenarios, using TallyPrime’s group reporting functionalities is the recommended approach to consolidate financial data from multiple companies while maintaining data integrity and avoiding manual manipulation.

By understanding the limitations and alternative approaches, you can effectively manage the need to utilize information from ledgers in another company within your TallyPrime environment.

Remember to prioritize data accuracy and choose the method that best suits your reporting or data sharing requirements.


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