Record Stock Received from Third Party in TallyPrime: 5 Easy Steps

In TallyPrime, you can record stock received from third parties using the Purchase Voucher while specifying the dedicated godown you created for such inventory.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the process with an example:

1. Scenario for Recording Stock Received from Third Party in TallyPrime:

  • You receive 50 units of “T-Shirts (Large)” from a supplier named “XYZ Clothing.”
  • You’ve previously set up a godown named “Raw Materials – XYZ Clothing” (as explained earlier in the “Set up Godowns/Locations for stock received from third party in TallyPrime” section) to track inventory received from XYZ Clothing.

2. Recording Stock Receipt in TallyPrime:

1. Purchase Voucher (Ctrl+F9):

Launch TallyPrime and navigate to the Vouchers menu.

Select Purchase (or press Ctrl+F9).

This opens a new Purchase Voucher window.

2. Supplier Selection:

In the “Party A/c” field, select the supplier from whom you received the stock.

In this case, choose “XYZ Clothing.”

3. Item and Quantity:

Enter the details of the items received.

In the “Stock Items” table, add a new row or select the existing item “T-Shirts (Large).”

Enter the quantity received, which is 50 units.

4. Receiving Godown:

This is crucial for tracking the third-party stock.

Locate the section for selecting the receiving godown.

This might be labelled “Godown,” “Receiving Godown,” or similar.

Choose the dedicated godown you created for XYZ Clothing, which is “Raw Materials – XYZ Clothing.”

Example of Purchase Voucher:

Field NameDescriptionExample Value
Party A/cAccount of the supplierXYZ Clothing
Stock ItemsItems received and their quantitiesT-Shirts (Large) – 50 units
Receiving GodownGodown where the stock is receivedRaw Materials – XYZ Clothing

5. Save Voucher (Ctrl+A):

Once you’ve entered all the details, review the voucher for accuracy.

If everything looks correct, press Ctrl+A or click the Accept button to save the Purchase Voucher.

Impact of Using a Dedicated Godown:

By selecting the dedicated godown “Raw Materials – XYZ Clothing” during voucher creation, you achieve two key things:

1. Tracks Incoming Stock:

The purchase voucher records the receipt of 50 “T-Shirts (Large)” units, specifically within the “Raw Materials – XYZ Clothing” godown.

This ensures the stock is tracked separately from your own inventory.

2. Maintains Inventory Clarity:

This approach separates your inventory from that received from the third party, providing a clear picture of your overall stock levels and their locations.

Additional Considerations:

  • You can utilize features like Stock Enquiry or Godown Summary reports (explained earlier) to analyze the movement and status of stock received from third parties.
  • Consider setting up accounts payable for managing your payment obligations to the third-party supplier.

By effectively recording stock received from third parties using Purchase Vouchers with dedicated godown selection, you can maintain accurate inventory records, generate insightful reports, and achieve better control over your overall stock management processes.


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